September 21, 2017

1930 Federal Census Data Causes Midnight Madness

By LJ Staff

Hoping to build excitement around the April 1 release of the 1930 census
data, a handful of the National Archives’ 13 branches staged midnight openings.
Current federal privacy laws restrict census material from being made public for
a period of 72 years, and it is common for large crowds of genealogists to show
up for the opening of census results. The National Archives in Washington also
braced for a large crowd, handing out tickets giving microfilm readers
three-hour blocks of time. The 1930 census data is expected to be in high
demand, as it was taken only months after the October 1929 collapse of the stock
market. published online the first images of the 1930 census, from
the state of Delaware, less than 24 hours after the official release, with all
2,667 roles of microfilm to be available online within 90