October 18, 2017

Politics at FL Library Association: Speaker Out

By LJ Staff

The administration of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has apparently retaliated against
a professor of public administration at Florida State University, who was
scheduled to speak at the state library conference last week. According to the
Petersburg Times
, Lance deHaven-Smith has written columns critical of
the Republican Party in Florida and declaring that Al Gore should have been
declared winner of the 2000 presidential election. Shortly after the latter
column, he was told he was no longer a luncheon speaker. Victoria Pendleton of
the Bureau of Library Development explained by e-mail that “preparing for our
transition” to the governor’s office “is making folks sensitive to anything
which may be construed as inappropriate. This has had an impact on the
Conference agenda” but later said that deHaven-Smith dropped only because the
focus of the conference had changed.