October 17, 2017

Review Panel Returns Kids Sex Ed Books to Library

By LJ Staff

Even though Montgomery County Commissioners, Conroe, TX, yanked Robie
Harris’s volumes It’s Perfectly Normal and It’s So Amazing from county
libraries and added five citizen members to the committee that reviews
challenged children’s books, the committee was no pushover. After a discussion
that one
citizen member said
led to a “strong consensus,” the books were returned to
the library, It’s Perfectly Normal to the YA section and It’s So
to the children’s section. Conservative Christians inspired the
policy change, complaining that the books were pro-gay and too sexually
explicit. The commissioners’ decision in turn inspired the formation of a new
group, Mainstream Montgomery County, and a debate over the library’s bond
election, which passed by a small margin. Now, however, the director of
communications for the Republican Leadership Council said his group plans to
return to the Commissioners Court to discuss hundreds of other library titles.