September 21, 2017

Nora Rawlinson Named Time Warner Library Services VP

By Michael Rogers

Time Warner Book Group (TWBG) announced February 17 that it has appointed librarian and former Publishers Weekly (PW) editor Nora Rawlinson its first-ever VP of library services. Rawlinson, who started her new role March 1, "will orchestrate and carry out the company’s plan for growing the library market for all TWBG imprints." She reports to TWBG president and COO Maureen Egen.

Rawlinson told LJ that "the good news for libraries is that this [new department] shows an expanded commitment to and recognition of the importance of the library and school markets for trade publishers. TWBG has a great list in both children’s and adult titles. I know librarians are already familiar with it, and I look forward to helping connect them more easily with TWBG authors and books."

Rawlinson pointed out that Time Warner has held luncheons with LJ featuring adult authors at the American Library Association conferences and has an active library advisory committee.

Rawlinson earned her MLS from the University of Michigan; she worked as the chief selector for the Baltimore County Public Library before entering the publishing arena. She became the LJ Book Review editor in 1988 and editor in 1990, leaving two years later for PW. Among her accomplishments in her 12 years as PW‘s top editor, Rawlinson worked to increase publisher understanding of the library market.