November 22, 2017

JFK Library Releases Tape About a Possible Nuclear Attack on China

By LJ Staff

Although a transcript of the conversation was released in 1996, the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum, Boston, has released a frightening May 9, 1963, tape recording in which JFK’s advisors tell the president that nuclear weapons will be necessary to defend India against a Chinese invasion, according to the AP. On the tape, released August 25, Undersecretary of State George Ball seems more concerned that the use of atomic warheads against another Asian nation might result in charges of racism and ‘create great problems with the Japanese – with all the yellow people’ than with the astronomical body count. The nuclear ball is carried by Army General Maxwell Taylor, then chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who tells Kennedy that if China launches an assault on India’s northern border, ‘I would hate to think that we would fight this on the ground in a non-nuclear way.’

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