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Compiled by Ann Kim & Norman Oder

The latest in library products & furnishings

Compiled by Ann Kim & Norman Oder — Library Journal, 05/15/2006


For the noncommital
Set your imagination free with this versatile modular carpet system. Using six lustrous colorations (red, blue, green, orange, yellow, and purple), Prism Tiles can be mixed and matched to create an individualized color motif. And with TractionBac™, a nonadhesive installation system, the design can be changed at any time. List Price: $36/sq. yd. Joy Carpets, 800-645-2787,
Patterns for freedom
Cocoon Tile is the first-ever modular carpet tile specifically designed to allow a multitude of patterns to be created, or no pattern at all. Change the group, and the pattern changes. Install the titles with random rotations and a pattern-free floor covering can be achieved. With TractionBac™ nonadhesive installation, the design can be changed as often as you like. List Price: $36/square yard. Joy Carpets, 800-645-2787,


Little seats for little ones
Three models of Tom Children's Chairs are available in 12" and 15" seat heights, with matching tables fitted with a spun steel crayon cup. The seats can be constructed with a tubular frame that supports the tabletop in a fixed location. List Price: $110 (birch). Group Four Furniture, 877-585-1478,
Clean & traditional
The handsome, versatile Skye Chair is crafted in sturdy solid maple, with squared and tapered legs topped with an upholstered seat pad (wood seat optional). An arm version is also available. Your cutout, fabric, and finish choices make the Skye highly adaptable. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,
Classic looks
This combines inviting comfort with functionality for the way people work today. Available with cubed or tapered legs and an optional tablet arm that swings, the American Classics Lounge Chair is handsome and useful. List Price: $1,782. Worden, 800-748-0561,
Youthful design
The Imax Chair is one of a versatile, colorful, and practical range of chairs and stools for a variety of settings. Durable and comfortable, this piece is weighted as to be particularly appropriate for teen and contemporary adult areas. The tubular steel frame with a polyester epoxy finish offsets the color-fast polyurethane seat and back in six fun colors. Stools also feature a footrest in polished cast aluminum. List Price: $295-$345. TotaLibra, 800-243-0464,
Stacking simplicity
Light enough to stack easily but with a frame design that makes them sturdy, Utah Chairs are comfortably contoured with a separate seat and back. Available in a variety of finishes, including chrome and powder epoxy, they provide visual delight-a practical solution for study seating. List Price: $125 (birch). Group Four Furniture, 877-585-1478/905-845-0211;
Creature comfort
From plain to peek-a-boo, Flick Chairs demonstrate the power of TMC's numerous styling options. The Flick is available with a variety of cutouts, standard and special perimeter shapes such as frogs and monkeys. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,
Artful upbringing
Renowned Danish furniture maker Magnus Olesen presents lightweight, stackable design with the 8000 Series Tables and Chairs. A patented assembly method creates a durable and stylish product. Available in adult and children's heights, with brightly colored seats and tabletops or more subtle neutrals, tabletops and seats are available in laminate, linoleum, or natural beech. Upholstered seats are available on the chairs and stools. List Price: chairs, $580-$975; stools, $385-$530; tables, $820-$1450. TotaLibra, 800-243-0464,
The commander's seat
Lexicon welcomes you to take a comfortable seat in any library's atrium, gathering place, or central lounge. With its generous proportions and wide arms, it has a commanding presence that complements important public spaces. List Price: $530. Group Four Furniture, 877-585-1478,


Patron convenience
The entire system hardware is completely hidden, embedded within the furniture in this next step of patron self-checkout, the FlashScan-MAX™. An adjustable monitor provides comfort and flexibility. The multidimensional scanner allows patrons to present items of any type and size in any direction and have them processed. Eight languages come included, with advanced capabilities to customize anything on screen and any/all ILS messages. The advanced FlashScan™ GUI provides an animation-driven interface. List Price: $9900 and up. Library Automation Technologies, 856-566-4121,
Swipe and you're set
The single scanner system, SCOT06, allows patrons to scan both standard cards and minikeycards quickly and then scan the material they wish to checkout. The system desensitizes all EM strips if required, and the Lib~Digit software features enhanced statistical reporting and patron help functionality. RFID-ready, the unit integrates with the optional Lib~Pay system. The cabinet is available in a wide choice of tough laminates, with a stainless steel 15" touchscreen monitor; an optional 17" monitor is available. List Price: Call for price. Libramation, 888-809-0099,
Self-checkout solution
CircIt replaces Tech Logic's ACS terminal self-checkout software. Features include more extensive customization options by libraries for their patrons and powerful integration with the existing library system. Features include the ability to print a receipt in many languages. CircIt will assist library staff with gathering statistics on checkout and checkin transactions, as well as enhancing security. List Price: Call for price. Tech Logic, 651-747-042,
Real-time RFID
With the 3M™ SelfCheck™ System C Series real-time checkin feature and easy-to-use interface, customers and staff can be sure items are instantly checked in and removed from their record upon return. The indoor/outdoor book drop options offer added convenience, and the C Series can also be implemented into a wide range of architectural models. Also, the system automatically continues to function and retain information if the ILS goes offline. The complete system includes computer, touch screen, book drop, and printer. List Price: Call for price. 3M, 800-328-0067,


Options galore
These Double-Sided Carrels are available single- or double-sided and may be joined together in various configurations. Surfaces can be standing or sitting height. The vertical panels can be surfaced with acoustical panels and of specific heights. Different storage and lighting options are available, as well as various power and data solutions. The primary material is durable film-finished or laminated birch plywood from Finland. Trade discounts of up to 40 percent are available. List Price: $1,625. Milder Office, 718-387-0767,
You will be converted
A flip of the desktop reveals a secondary work surface and privacy panels to change the Double Convertible Carrel from reading table to semiprivate study carrel at standing or sitting height. Various options are available for storage and lighting, in addition to power and data choices. Composed primarily of durable film-finished or laminated Finnish birch plywood. Trade discounts of up to 40 percent are available. List Price: $2,235 (minimum order of ten units). Milder Office, 718-387-0767,
Stand-up access
The Epoch Computer Station from the Epoch Collection offers convenient media access. A cabinet is located below the table surface for storage, and curved end panels offer added protection and privacy. The station is available in an array of wood finishes and with specified glass and metal accents. List Price: Call for price. Brodart, 888-521-1884,
Smart from the ground up
Designed around a simple, adjustable railsystem, this Trax Machine Table with optional wire management and CPU holder offers clean lines and is built to last. Choose from desk or table-style work surfaces and a host of functional, flexible accessory options, such as divider screens, wire management, insert panels, and power/data centers. List Price: $1750 and up. Worden, 800-748-0561,
Warm wood cohesion
Integrating the form and structure of steel and the aesthetic beauty of wood, the Millennium 3 line of furniture includes circulation desks, reading tables, and shelving end panel options. See the web site. List Price: Call for price. Blanton & Moore, 704-528-4506,

Desktop Power

The compact, retractable power/data Top Notch Units for desktop use are ideal for users requiring a single power source and an RJ jack. Units, supplied with 72" power cords and 72" patch cords, are available in black and textured quality powder coating and brushed stainless steel finishes. Constructed of steel components, they rise just 1.3" above the work surface. Table thickness: 2" maximum. List Price: Call for price. Electri-Cable Assemblies, 800-521-3175,


Angled for your pleasure
Angled shelves are finished with aluminum rails, and storage can be added behind pivoting display shelves in these customizable Periodical Displays. Made from durable film-finished or laminated birch plywood. Trade discounts of up to 40 percent are available. List Price: $1350. Milder Office, 718-387-0767,
The hole-less-tic solution
The Stainless Steel Cable and Clear Tape Art Hanging System is flexible, easy to use, and unobtrusive. Also offered is an optional gallery lighting system that works with hanging components to spotlight artwork. Theft-deterrent security hooks are available. List Price: Call for price. Gallery Systems, USA, 800-460-8703,
Using what you've got
The exclusive ladder design offers more storage space, and clear acrylic construction guarantees greater visibility. The Newspaper and Magazine Holder has six clear pockets that are 9"h x 14¾"w x 1¾"d. It's easy to attach the entire holder to the end panels of double-faced shelving with U-shaped rods. The end-of-range display unit is 36"h x 15"w x 2"d. List Price: $199. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,
Versatile cubbyholes
Perfect for storing backpacks, shoes, and books and also great for display, these Stacking Cubes feature predrilled holes so you can gang them together in any configuration to create pyramids, squares, rectangles, or even a row of bench seating. Made of ¾"-thick MDF and covered with a choice of colorful splatter paint. Interior dimensions are 14¼"h x 15 ¾"w x 22¾"d. All ganging hardware is included. List Price: $95. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,
A new view on titles
The Bibliotto® Media Shelving System offers a new perspective on media display via its sturdy but minimal steel frame. The shelves rely on gravity to keep contents orderly. Units are easily assembled without tools. A new, three-stepped angled bookshelf allows books to slide into position as items are removed and is angled to tilt slightly backwards, allowing the best view of all titles. Shelves can easily be rearranged and spaced. List Price: Call for price. TotaLibra, 800-243-0464,
Library within a library
This BCI Curved Shelving Display is ideal for defining a functional focal point within a library. Used to highlight a special collection or to create unique traffic flow, this arrangement is sure to draw attention. Based on BCI's basic cantilever shelving units, the system has a center radius of over seven feet, allowing for patron access. List Price: $92,000 (includes 12 curved units, end panels, and wood base). TotaLibra, 800-243-0464,
Minicenter for minipeople
Two single-sided picture book shelving units with a double-sided reading table in between combine to create the Picture Book Center. Angled reading tables have a retaining lip to keep books in place, while the bookshelves feature handy, adjustable hardboard dividers. Two built-in acrylic bookshelves on each end provide extra display. Made of solid hardwood with a handsome oak finish veneer, 42"h x 102"w, it comes ready for easy assembly. List Price: $1,699. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,
Kids are yummy!
Design your children's department around the underwater world of marine life. The Fish Computer Desk's pattern is UV ink printed on laminate and MDF construction. The colors can be changed to match your interior. This item is built in a knockdown assembly for easy shipment and installation. Six percent discount on orders of two or more desks. List Price: four-compartment desk, $5880; six-compartment desk, $6500. Creative Arts Unlimited, 727-525-2066,


Oooooooo, shiny!
The 12" wide format of the GBC® Ultima® 35 EzLoad™ Laminator is designed for laminating letter-sized documents and accepts 1.7-mil to ten-mil NAP II roll film. It takes less than one minute to warm up and laminates at a fixed speed of 36" per minute. The GBC® laminator features a built-in trimmer, automatic shutoff, and a reversible motor that makes it easy to remove film wraps. EzLoad™ technology makes it impossible to load film upside down. List Price: $525. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,


Let there be light
Available in several finishes, the Folio Light Fixture coordinates with a variety of styles and provides simple power/data access at the study table. List Price: $1,139. Worden, 800-748-0561,

Mobile Storage

"Power Made Easy™"
The high-density mobile storage Eclipse Powered System™ is making powered storage easier and more affordable. The system is easy to customize for specific needs, easy to use, and offers features that enhance reliability and safety. There is a wide array of safety and security options, a three-button touchpad, and lighting variations. List Price: Call for price. Spacesaver, 800-492-3434,


It's all about size
The 65" PN-655 Professional LCD Monitor is the world's largest LCD monitor, with two-megapixel high-definition resolution and fanless design for quiet use. To show multiple types of content sources, it uses dual-fine engine technology, which enables the user to display both computer and video content flawlessly. The monitor has a full complement of connectors to show all types of content, from DVD to varying PC resolutions for all types of presentations. List Price: $27,995. Sharp Electronics, 800-BE-SHARP,

Moving Equipment

Lift from the knees
When lifting requires a lot more than raw power, Liftman, Starnet's proprietary lift system, comes in handy. Developed especially for moving retail gondolas and library stacks, it speeds up flooring jobs. Liftman simply picks up the entire display, moves it out of the way while the new floor is installed, and puts the display back. Needless to say, operating such a specialized piece of machinery requires special training. List Price: Call for price. Starnet Commercial Flooring Cooperative, 908-930-9371,


Bind with your CDs
This CD Two-Ring Binder Album comes in white or black vinyl and is made with heavier gauge vinyl and chipboard plus reinforced spine to prevent splitting and cold cracking. The self-locking dust lid has a full wrap-around clear vinyl that opens at the top, seals at the bottom, and is unattached at the spine. The album can hold up to 12 discs; pages are sold separately. List Price: $6.93. Showcases, 321-783-5586,
Look at me!
The perfect vehicles to create an island display or announce new arrivals are Multimedia Mobile Kiosks. Four hardwood shelves and four slatwall areas covered with mocha glacé laminate alternate for the ultimate in versatility. Manufactured from hardwoods and oak veneer, these kiosks are 33" in diameter. They are available as adult kiosks with four adjustable shelves per section and as children's kiosks with two adjustable shelves per section. These custom-crafted displayers are available in your choice of dark oak, medium oak, and natural oak finish. List Price: $1200-$1,625. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,
So many tapes, so little space
This Audiobook Cassette Album comes in white vinyl and is made of heavier gauge vinyl and chipboard to maintain rigidity in all environments. All have self-locking dust lid and full wrap-around clear vinyl that opens at the top, seals at the bottom, and is unattached at the spine. The exclusive series is designed to hold 1-24 cassettes-all are the same height and depth. List Price: $6.88. Showcases, 321-783-5586,
A clear variety
For these Florida ex-librarians, the hottest selling modules are from the Audio Visual Line, as DVDs continue to be added heavily to library collections. Including an AV tower and countertop unit, their clear line of modular acrylic shelving also accommodates other library materials. List Price: Call for price. Library Display Shelving, 386-228-0436,
One-touch access
The silver Fellowes One-Touch CD/DVD Storage holds up to 60 CDs/DVDs and includes 30 double-sided CD/DVD sleeves. The drawer opens with the touch of a finger. Great for storage behind the circulation desk. List Price: $24. Showcases, 321-783-5586,
Seals and protects
The Proline DiscGuard2 Clear Disc Sealant Kit is used by professionals and seals your disc with an invisible, solid, glasslike coating. Easily buffs on and off disc and guards against scratches. Includes 2 oz. bottle, gripping applicator, and buffing cloths. Four hundred or more disc treatments per bottle. Free samples available. List Price: $16.95. Showcases, 321-783-5586,

Patron IDS

Tag, you're it!
Whether patrons walk or drive to your location, they will carry a set of keys with Short Pak™, which combines a card and one key tag and a matching adhesive label. The label is applied to patron application forms. Crisp, bright graphics are enhanced by lamination. The On-Line Design Studio allows users to personalize orders. Also available without matching adhesive label. List Price: Call for price. Vanguard ID Systems, 800-323-7432,

People Counters

Can you feel the heat?
The PCW-TH160 People Counter uses thermal imaging technology to count visitor traffic from above an entry or exit. State-of-the-art technology originally developed for the military enables this precise counting system. The unit functions optically, seeing the heat emitted by people passing underneath as infrared radiation. This technology provides the most accurate method of any people-counting system available and is not affected by changes in ambient light. List Price: Call for price. SenSource, 800-239-1226,
Counting heads
Intelligent Column People Counters offer elegant design and bidirectional counting. Bright LCD display-can be turned on or off for viewing. Pedestals can be placed up to 32 feet apart; wide entrance/exit areas can be covered by several counters, if necessary. Protected against sabotage, the system alarms when the connection between the counters is blocked for over two minutes. A capsule, wall-mount version is available. Purchase the column or capsule counters with or without communication package. List Price: $1,999 per set. Showcases, 321-783-5586,

Printers & Scanners

A little workhorse
The bizhub 160 Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax is designed to help small business, branch office, and departmental workgroups increase productivity and reduce costs. It's a state-of-the-art multifunctional product that combines fast, high-resolution output with built-in GDI printing and cost-effective options to keep pace with growing document needs. List Price: $1550. Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., 800-285-6422,
For all your scans
The PS7000 Digital Publication Scanner scans large-sized books, artwork, ledgers, and other bound materials. Its face-up scanning system means you don't have to turn volumes over, so materials require less handling. Product features include fast scanning, crisp images, automatic compensation for curvature of pages, automatic edge detection to mask out borders, and the ability to output scanned images directly to a printer or PC with a single button. List Price: $15,370. Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., 800-285-6422;
Microform importance
In the digital era, your microfilm and microfiche information is more powerful-because you can read it on screen, print it on paper, scan it and digitize for electronic filing and distribution. The MS6000 MK II Digital Microform Scanner lets your do it all, quickly and easily. List Price: $5,395. Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., 800-285-6422,


Easy on the eyes
Affordable and full-featured, the Sharp XG-MB50X DLP Projector combines Texas Instruments DDR DLP technology with a Condenser lens optical system for enhanced picture quality and more accurate color reproduction. The unit's Low Power "Eco" Mode conserves lamp life, making it ideal for rooms with minimal lighting. List Price: $1,599. Sharp Electronics, 800-BE-SHARP,


A secure detacher
Take advantage of self-checkout technology without compromising the additional security provided by Kwik Cases® used with DVDs, CDs, videocassettes, and other media. The Kwik Case Detacher is made accessible to the patron only when an item has been approved for checkout. The locking case interface works with both barcode and RFID-based circulation systems and can be used with RFID, electromagnetic, or radio frequency security systems. Two options: one that works with barcode as well as RFID-based systems; a second works only with RFID. List Price: $1950. Integrated Technology Group, 877-207-3127,


Best of both worlds
The Woodstak has the beauty of wood and the strength of steel. Mix and match steel or wood shelves. It's more economical than all-wood shelving. List Price: Call for price. Library Bureau Steel, 856-696-5700,
Depth is overrated
Library Shelving System, designed with books in mind, is shallower than other storage solutions. Shelving is available single- or double-sided and in heights up to eight feet. Units can be ganged to any length. Shelves can be fixed or height adjusted. Built of durable film-finished or laminated birch plywood. Trade discounts of up to 40 percent are available. List Price: Call for price. Milder Office, 718-387-0767,


Economical & easy to read
Add full-color graphics to signs that draw attention with Brodart Sign Shop Custom Plexiglas® Overhead Signage. Choose from single- and double-sided formats and sizes ranging from 12" x 24" to 24" x 48". Predrill for hanging or wall mounting at no extra charge. Or use white vinyl letters in Plexiglas® for a more economical solution. List Price: $82-$200 (white vinyl letters start at $67). Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,
Snap on, snap off
Compose attractive directory boards and identification/directional signs with the VISU-SLAT signage system. Signs consist of silver, bronze, gold, or black finished aluminum extrusion faceplates that are snapped onto wall-mounted clips. Faceplates are available in six widths and in any required length. To interchange faceplates, snap off and reposition. Lettering and graphics are added by applied vinyl and acrylic letters, screen printing, engraving, or photo etching. List Price: Call for price. MagnaPlan Corp., 518-298-8404,
The "pop" in eye-popping
Enjoy eye-popping full-color graphic signage that's lightweight and easy to clean. Brodart Sign Shop Custom Sintra® Overhead Signage is available in single- and double-sided formats; sizes range from 3" x 12" to 24" x 48". Economical Custom Sintra® Overhead Signage also available. List Price: $25-$200. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,
The writing on the wall
Use this Side-Loading Acrylic Sign Holder for use on any metal or fabric-covered surface. Signs insert easily into the side-loading sleeve, and all holders feature clear acrylic construction and exclusive rounded edges to protect your signs and your fingers. Sizes range from 3" x 5" to 11" x 8½". Magnets and hook-and-loop fasteners are included with purchase. List Price: $12.50-$19.50. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,


"But honey, where will we put the plasma screen?"
The Fixed Plasma Stand accommodates flat-panel displays up to 50" diagonally and 100 lbs. It provides a 30° tilt complete with key operating lock, and arc welds ensure a sturdy base. The stand has a durable black powder-coated finish and is available in heights of 60", 72", and 84". List Price: 60", $998; 72", $1,015; 84", $1,032. Da-Lite Screen Co., 800-622-3737,


In munchkin land
This sturdy and attractive Sloped Picture Table provides an ideal place for children to enjoy reading, scribbling, socializing, doing puzzles, and more. Available with various leg styles, cutouts, and finish options that give designers flexibility. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,
Fold in, fold out
A utility table for a variety of age groups, the Samsonite® Folding Table with Telescoping Legs can be set to table heights of 22", 28", or 36". When you don't need the table, just fold it up and store it away; it has a built-in carrying handle. The 3/16"-thick hardboard top is covered with vinyl upholstery, and the legs have a deluxe chrome finish with nonmarring leg caps. List Price: $65. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,
Hands-on and eye-opening
The result of a partnership with Rand McNally, the Geotable is a viable teaching tool for the classroom and library. It uses WilsonArt's high-quality horizontal grade laminate, which allows teachers to develop lesson plans that students can complete on the markable surface with wet erase markers. Each 48" x 36" table has a solid oak shaped edgeband and solid oak table legs with durable levelers. The unique "through the core" leg attachment construction carries a lifetime warranty. List Price: $1170. Russwood Library Furniture, 919-779-2273,
A shape and size for every need
Fold-N-Roll Tables come in a wide range of sizes, heights, colors, and in six shapes: round, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, square, and oval. They're designed so that one person can easily open, close, or roll them. Nonmarring neoprene casters ensure easy moving and straight-line tracking. Table tops feature the durable Lotz Armor Edge® to assure long-lasting sanitary conditions. The tables feature a 14-gauge steel frame and H-shaped legs. Twelve-year warranty. List Price: $1,124. BioFit Engineered Products, 419-823-1089,
Attract the quiet type
Add a major attraction with a high-quality Mobile Game Table. The 1 1/8"-thick, industrial-grade furniture board top features 1¼" vinyl bumper edges and a high-pressure laminate surface imprinted with boards for checkers, chess, backgammon, and card games. The 11-gauge tubular-steel legs are connected with 6" x 6" steel plates. Four 2" locking casters make it easy to roll. The table measures 29"h x 36"w. List Price: $485. Highsmith, 800-558-2110,
I don't want to grow up
Create appealing environments with this striking, colorful range of Agatha Tables and Chairs from European designers AMAT-3. Available in children's or adult sizes in a range of shapes including clouds, hearts, flowers, and smiley face. The frames are tubular steel, while the tabletops are made of MDF with high-pressure laminate, in six bright colors. Stools and chairs are curved beech plywood with high-pressure laminate surface. List Price: chair, $365-400; stools, $305-365; tables, $870-1,285. TotaLibra, 800-243-0464,


An edge above the rest
Designed for heavy-duty application, the Dahle Premium Rolling Trimmers give you plenty of strength and very little side-to-side movement, as well as burr-free cutting through paper and matboard. The ground steel blade is self-sharpening and cuts in both directions and encased in a secure plastic housing. An automatic paper clamp holds your work securely, and the metal base features preprinted guides for even trimming. Also offered is an optional floor stand for trimmers that feature built-in paper waster catchers. Five models available. List Price: $187 and up. Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,


Voilà! More wheels
With the capacity to convert from two to four wheels in seconds, and a strong, lightweight construction, the Gemini Senior Convertible Hand Truck with 1060 pneumatic wheels can help you move it all around. The modular design means there are no welds to break, and all parts are replaceable. List Price: $338.15. Magliner, 989-879-2411,
Two or three shelves
You can go medium or tall with the Advance BK-213 and BK-214 models. The BK-213 can accommodate up to 54" of books, and the BK-214 offers 87" of shelf space, plus convenient handles. Both are made from heavy-duty steel and come assembled. List Price: Call for price. Da-Lite Screen Co., 574-267-7804,
Hardcore utilitarianism
Touting 500-pound capacity, maneuverability, strength, durability, versatility, and ease of use in libraries, BioFit offers Book Trucks and Book Carts in several sizes with various shelf and tray configurations: two or three one-sided or two-sided sloping shelves; two or three flat shelves or trays; and combination shelves. Available in several powder-coated finishes that are durable and easy to clean. List Price: Call for price. BioFit Engineered Products, 800-597-0246,


Correction: In the Fall 2005 issue of Library by Design, on page 39, the images for Brodart's Environmental Graphics Wall Mural and Creative Arts Unlimited Decorative Wall Panel were swapped. Apologies for any confusion.

Design Institute Heads to Washington!
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