November 20, 2017

Comments Welcomed on Burger’s Library Agenda Draft

By LJ Staff

American Library Association (ALA) President Leslie Burger has released the discussion draft of "Toward a National Agenda for Libraries", which got a kickstart from a December 10-11 meeting in Washington, DC to identify ways to gain support for improving libraries and build a case for investing in libraries at local, state, and national levels.

The national agenda involves six major theme areas, each with five or six proposed agenda items:

  • Libraries preserve the past and provide a bridge to the future
  • Libraries build and strengthen communities
  • Libraries support lifelong learning
  • Libraries create information and technology literate communities
  • Libraries encourage economic development
  • Libraries support democracy

Burger and the National Library Agenda Task Force seek comments by February 15, so the discussion can continue and an agenda can be posted April 16, two weeks before the May 1 National Library Legislative Day.