September 25, 2017

Movers & Shakers 2008 Live and Loaded!

By Michael Rogers

The 2008 Movers & Shakers supplement profiles 50 library advocates, community builders, 2.0 gurus, innovators, marketers, mentors, and problem solvers transforming libraries. The supplement was included with LJ’s March 15 issue, but all profiles and pix of this year’s crew also are available right here on 
Come meet the geek librarians, metadata men, action figures, storytellers, spark plugs, pathfinders, razzle dazzlers, and other friends and colleagues shaping the profession and defining its future.

Integrate Multiple Literacies Into Your Strategic Plan and Library Initiatives
The editors of Library Journal and School Library Journal have convened some of today’s leading advocates, thinkers, and doers on literacy programming in public libraries, including speakers from the March 2017 Public Library Think Tank in Miami, to discuss in actionable terms how public librarians are redefining literacy. Our Literacy Redefined online course will address literacy in its widest sense—digital, media/information, civic, reading readiness, visual, multicultural, and health literacy—and will identify tools for leveraging partnerships to fuel programming and funding.
Design Institute Heads to Washington!
On Friday, October 20, in partnership with Fort Vancouver Regional Library—at its award-winning Vancouver Community Library (WA)—the newest installment of Library Journal’s building and design event will provide ideas and inspiration for renovating, retrofitting, or re-building your library, no matter your budget!