September 22, 2017

Library Hero Mildred Cantor: RIP

Was breezing through my local paper this morning when spying a lengthy obit for a lady named Mildred Cantor, who passed away at age 88. She was a Long Island librarian who helped found the Levittown Public Library in 1950 and served as the president of its board for 30 years. During that time she successfully suppressed a movement to shutter the library when residents carped over its costs and what some thought were leftists books in its collection.

“The library for her was a great symbol of what a community needs to have,” her son Dan told NY Newsday. Who could argue with that? I know there are some that would, but they’re idiots, so ignore them. Mildred wouldn’t have taken any nonsense from them. Mildred, for that and all your years of library service, LJ salutes you.