October 16, 2017

If I Were a Rural Librarian…

I’d be eating up the funny, insightful, and plain-old true thread on Publib "You know you’re a rural librarian if…." (and its Kansas cousin)–but then, I’m not one, and I’m still loving it.

From requests to ID a live snake to getting library deliveries at your home on the days the library is closed (or your personal ones at the library when its open) to efforts to barter farm goods for fines, and on and on, these descriptions of life in small libraries give a taste of the surprises awaiting at most public libraries.

Seeing these posts also urges me to remind all the great librarians in all the great small libraries out there to think ahead to this year’s Best Small Library in America Award, the deadline (Nov. 2) is far away enough to ignore if you have to do a quick capture of someone’s escaped cows, for instance, or if you are pinned down by some wild critter (big or small), but it is soon enough to put on the calendar. 

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Rebecca T. Miller (miller@mediasourceinc.com) is Editorial Director, Library Journal and School Library Journal.



  1. These are great–Thank you for sharing! I had no idea how crazy the library could be until I started my career as a librarian. If you’d like another site that is excellent and hilarious, you should check out The Merry Librarian (www.merrylibrarian.com). I’ve found this to be a hoot- It’s a collection of stories from librarians all over the US. Thanks, again!