September 21, 2017

News Briefs: Monty the Therapy Dog Is Renewed at Yale (and Other Items)

The Yale Law School’s therapy dog is here to stay, the Yale Daily News reports. A pilot program last month that allowed law students to rent Monty — a brown, hypoallergenic 21-pound border terrier mix — was so well received that the library will allow students to borrow the dog in May before final exams, said Law School Director of Public Affairs Janet Conroy. He will return before exams next year as well, said librarian and professor S. Blair Kauffman, who added that Monty is emblematic of the student-centered services the law library aims to provide.

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Beleaguered Detroit PL Buys $1,000 Chairs

Detroit Public Library officials say finances have grown so bad they could close most neighborhood branches, but in a few weeks they plan to unveil a revamped wing of a main library that even administrators say spares few expenses, including European lounge chairs that cost $1,092 apiece, according to the Detroit News.

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Boulder Has New Batch of Director Finalists

Following an unsuccessful initial search, the city of Boulder announced recently that it has selected a new batch of finalists for the position of Boulder library director, the Daily Camera reports. Boulder has been without a library director since July last year, when Tony Tallent abruptly resigned after having the job for less than two years.

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Foot Stabber Attacks Patrons in Kentucky

Someone is sticking people in the feet at a University of Kentucky library. An alert issued last week by the university states that UK Police are investigating two incidents that occurred in the basement of the W.T. Young Library, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader. In both cases, the victims said a man crawled under a study desk and used something sharp to puncture their feet.

Web Cam Captures Hawks Tending Nest at NYU Library

A pair of red-tailed hawks, Violet and Bobby, have made a nest for Violet’s three eggs on a 12th-floor window ledge at New York University’s Bobst Library , just outside of the office of the university’s president . The eggs are expected to hatch in mid-to-late April, and the New York Times has set up a hawk cam to film the duo’s every move.

Penn Libraries Receive Collection Valued at $20 Million

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Penn Libraries have received a major collection of 280 Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts, valued at over $20 million, from long-time benefactors and Library Board members Lawrence J. Schoenberg and Barbara Brizdle Schoenberg. To promote the use of this and other manuscript collections at Penn, the Libraries will create the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies. Through collaboration with faculty and scholars, and led by a future Schoenberg Curator, the Institute’s mission will be to promote the active use of manuscripts in the Schoenberg Collection and in Penn’s Rare Book and Manuscript Library, the Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, and the Penniman-Gribbel Collection of Sanskrit Manuscripts.

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