March 23, 2017

Meet the Power Patron: Insights from Patron Profiles


EVENT DATE: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

EVENT TIME: 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT

SPONSORED BY: Library Journal

Missed the live webcast? No problem! It’s been archived and is available for on-demand viewing at your convenience!

Patron Profiles is a new quarterly publication from Library Journal, based on in-depth, trended research among a national sample of 2000+ public library consumers. Hear from a team of experts on how to use this research and other unique tools to shape your library’s future at this free webcast. You’ll get an exclusive look into our findings detailing who uses public libraries, why, how that use may change, and how library use connects to consumer behavior. This webcast will look at how libraries can meet the needs of their Power Patrons—the heaviest library users in their communities and voracious media consumers as well as explore trends in mobile technology, best practices for tapping research and how to use the data behind the demand to shape services.


Alison Circle, Marketing Communications, Columbus Metropolitan Library (OH). Alison Circle has been Marketing Director for Columbus Metropolitan Library since 2004. In that capacity she has developed integrated strategies around branding, social media, ebooks and other emerging technologies. In 2010 that work was recognized with the Library Journal‘s Library of the Year. In 2011 Library Journal recognized her work with the Mover & Shaker award.


Jeanne Goodrich, Executive Director, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District (NV). Jeanne Goodrich has been the Executive Director of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District since 2009.  Prior to that position, she worked for ten years as an independent library management consultant.  Jeanne has been a director or deputy director in Oregon, California, Nevada and Idaho.


Lisa Carlucci Thomas, Library Consultant at Design Think Do
Lisa Carlucci Thomas is the Director of design think do, providing technology, new media, and creative services consulting to libraries and organizations. A 2010 Library Journal Mover & Shaker, Lisa’s previous experience includes managing access services, e-resources, and digital collections at Yale University and systems and digital initiatives at Southern Connecticut State University. Follow Lisa on Twitter at @lisacarlucci.


    Rebecca T. Miller, Patron Profiles series editor and School Library Journal Editor-in Chief




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  1. David Cox says:

    I am trying to understand how library systems might help their communities experience the success enjoyed by “change teams” in a large company. The know-hows evolved over time. They are freely available.

    I was the facilitator for 300 change teams–teams of stakeholders who faced problems and opportunities, and they made their answers happen. Innovation? Lots of it.

    It is a more staff-involving strategy than “We’ve got a lot of resources we’re marketing at you.”
    It subdues politics. It escapes Robert’s Rules.

    One of Ohio’s outstanding libraries is doing this.

    Ideas and questions, please.
    Thanks for considering this.