March 26, 2017

Cook Book Spring Buzz

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DATE AND TIME: Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 3:00 PM ET/12:00 PM PT

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As the nation’s diet—and its consequences—has become an increasingly common topic of conversation, commonsensical truths—from the social benefits of a shared family meal to the health boost that home cooked, unprocessed foods provide—have gained new advocates. What a better way to tap into these benefits than by cracking open some of these forthcoming spring cooking titles and preparing a delicious meal to share with friends or family. Tackle some of the basics with the Great Meat Cook Book and Bake: the Essential Companion, discover new favorites with Mediterranean Slow Cooker and Ride or Fry: The Dante Fried Chicken Experience, and finally master that pad thai recipe with Easy Thai Cooking. To learn how to do the Mexican basics with a new flair, check out Tacos, Tortas and Tamales: The New Flavors of Mexican Street Food.  Bon appetit!


Rowan Muelling-Auer, Publicist, Tuttle Publishing

Prior to Tuttle, Rowan Muelling-Auer worked the circulation desk at North Carolina State University’s main library. Rowan and her husband relocated to Vermont in 2004 where she (miraculously) located a job in the publishing industry as Publicist at Tuttle Publishing. Having now completed the book world trifecta by working in book stores, libraries and publishing, Rowan spends her time reading to her two young sons and attempting not to poison her family with her well-intentioned Asian cooking experiments.

Katrina Kruse, Marketing Manager, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Katrina Kruse is a manager in the marketing department at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt where she specializes in books on Birds, Words, Curds, and Murds AKA field guides, dictionaries, cookbooks, and mysteries.

Chris Vaccari, Director of Library Marketing, Sterling Publishing

Chris Vaccari is the Director of Library Marketing for Sterling Publishing.  He has been at Sterling since 1997 and is committed to getting librarians what they want.  He also serves on the AAP Adult and Children’s Trade Library Marketing Committee helping to bring events and programming to libraries and conventions throughout the year. He can be followed on twitter @christhebookie posting about all subjects.  When it comes to food and wine, Chris enjoys a rack of ribs, sushi, Haagen Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond ice cream, a cold can of Dr. Pepper and a glass (or two) of Pinot Noir.

Trudy Preston, Account Representative, Public Libraries, Wiley

Trudy Preston is the Account Representative at Wiley responsible for public libraries.  Trudy received her MLS from the University of Illinois and prior to coming to Wiley twelve years ago worked as both a public and academic librarian for twenty years.

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Molly McArdle, Assistant Editor, Library Journal Book Review

Molly McArdle is an assistant editor of the Library Journal Book Review and edits memoirs, fine arts, travel, communications, education, business, law, psychology, parenting, self-help, health, and science. A native Washingtonian, she joined Library Journal in August 2011. She tweets @mollitudo about books, gifs, and BBC television shows (but mostly books).

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  1. Do the “unheard of.” Just do it. Review a good self-published book. Mine. As an 85 yr old, I haven’t the time to query big name publishers. Maybe not enough left even to write another novel. So go to my website and see why mine, brief as it is, seems to resonate with those who’ve read it. Do it! And if you want, I’ll send along a copy. jr

  2. I’m interested. When will the sign-up form be made available for registrations? Thanks.

  3. I participated in the webcast on Spring cookbooks – it was great. I would love a the Easy Thai Cookbook.