January 17, 2018

Simons Foundation to Match ArXiv Membership Funds

ArXiv, a free repository which allows scientists to share research before publication, has adopted a new governance and business model, according to Gwen Glazer of Cornell University Library. Beginning in January and running through 2017, the Simons Foundation will provide up to $300,000 per year in matching funds for arXiv’s membership fees. The grant also provides $50,000 per year as an unconditional gift, recognizing the Library’s stewardship of arXiv.

ArXiv seems likely to hit its cap: to date, more than 120 member institutions have pledged a total of $285,000. And they’re not just one-time gifts; of the 100 institutions that use arXiv most heavily, nearly three-quarters made five-year pledges.

The plan is the fruit of a previous Simons Foundation grant of $60,000 to support the development of such a governance model, as LJ reported. In 2010 Cornell announced its intention to move away from the pre-print archive being solely supported by the university, outlined alternate options in a white paper, and solicited voluntary contributions from well over 100 institutions.

“The sustainability planning process focused on how to diversify revenue models — but, equally importantly, we wanted to make sure arXiv could establish a set of governance principles. It’s setting an example of a transparent and reliable community-supported service,” said Oya Rieger, arXiv Program Director and Associate University Librarian for Digital Scholarship Services.

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