February 8, 2016

A Note from LJ/SLJ to Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Dear friends,

The entire team at Library Journal and School Library Journal extends our deepest sympathy to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well.

Due to power outages and a compromised transportation system across the New York area, our offices in downtown Manhattan remain closed. Our network is currently offline, so our email is down as well.

But we’ve managed to reestablish contact with each other through social media and personal email, and we’re pleased to report that all our people are safe, although many remain without electricity, water, and other basic services.

We’d like to take this moment to honor the commitment and resilience of our staff and those in the greater library and school community. As we look ahead to restoring normalcy to our lives and work, let us do so with gratitude for our efforts and each other.

If you need to reach us, email LJ.mediasource@gmail.com and schoollibraryjournal@gmail.com.

We’re also available via Twitter (@LibraryJournal; @sljournal), on Facebook  (Library Journal, School Library Journal), and Tumblr (Library Journal, School Library Journal), and, of course, our websites (Library Journal and School Library Journal).

As we proceed, we’d like to report  your stories regarding the storm and its aftermath. As you have the time and capacity, please share any news about your schools and libraries with us — leave a comment below or reach us at one of the email addresses above.


 The Staff of Library Journal and School Library Journal

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  1. Glad to know everyone is safe. Praying for all of those who are having to struggle with the aftermath of this tragedy.