January 19, 2018

Create Your Own Magazines with Flipboard | screencast tutorial

By Linda W. Braun

Now anyone can create a beautiful digital zine of customized content, thanks to Flipboard. In a highly touted new feature, version 2.0 of the iconic newsstand app allows users to tap and select articles, photos, and video they find on Flipboard to create magazines on any interest or topic.

In this screencast, educator and library consultant Linda W. Braun demos the feature, showing how to create a magazine in the image-rich format, add articles, and publish to Flipboard, all on the fly. If your intended readers don’t have a device? You can share your creation, with a few simple taps, via Twitter and email.

Librarians and other educators could use the app to create publications on book or movie news for teens, suggests Braun, in one idea. Or how about a publication around a student research topic? Libraries could also assemble articles and images into a slick advocacy tool.

“Start thinking about how you might create magazines—for kids, teens, parents, adults you work with, colleagues, administrators, anyone in the community,” says Braun.