November 30, 2015

Gallery: LibraryAware Community Award Winners Canton Public Library and Township (MI)

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Nancy Dowd (LibraryAware Product Lead), Phil LaJoy (Canton Town Supervisor), and Eva Davis (Canton PL Director) with the plaque recognizing Canton as a LibraryAware Community

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Nancy Dowd (LibraryAware Product Lead) and Duncan Smith (Vice President, NoveList) with members of the local National Honor Society club (who offer after school tutoring at the library)

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Laurie Golden (Department Head Community Relations, CPL), Phil LaJoy (Canton Town Supervisor), Nancy Dowd (LibraryAware Product Lead), and Duncan Smith (Vice President, NoveList)

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Nancy Dowd (LibraryAware Product Lead) and Duncan Smith (Vice President, NoveList) with members of the local National Honor Society club (who offer afterschool tutoring at the library)

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Eva Davis (Canton PL Director) and Ian Singer (Vice President, Library Journal)

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Shannon Price (Wayne County Commissioner) and Eva Davis (Canton PL Director)

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Duncan Smith (Vice President, NoveList), Eva Davis (Canton PL Director), Phil LaJoy (Canton Town Supervisor), Kerry Bentivolio (US Congress) and Nancy Dowd (LibraryAware Product Lead)

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Eva Davis (Canton PL Director), Jim Gillig (Former Trustee), James Fausone (Current President of Library Board of Trustees)

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Nancy Dowd (LibraryAware Product Lead) and Ian Singer (Publisher, Library Journal)

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Nancy Dowd (LibraryAware Product Lead) and Kathie Gladden (Business Services and Volunteer Assistant, CPL)

On Friday, May 10, Michigan’s Canton Township and the Canton Public Library were presented with the LibraryAware Community Award, given by Library Journal and funded by LibraryAware, a product of EBSCO Publishing’s NoveList Division.

According to the guidelines, the award “emphasizes the library’s engagement with the community and will recognize a library or library system that has demonstrated its ability to make its community ‘aware’ of what the library can do for it—and has delivered on that promise.”

From our April 1 cover story on the town and the library:

There’s a good reason that Canton Charter Township in Michigan is so aware of the activities of the Canton Public Library (CPL): in addition to circulating about 1.8 million items per year and holding about 1,086 programs attended by some 35,000 residents, the library has worked with 72 different businesses, agencies, and organizations, according to Laurie Golden, the department head of community relations.

The library’s work in enhancing services for its service population of 90,173 and forging strong local partnerships stem from a three-year strategic plan that was completed in 2011, Golden says. “The Canton Public Library connects your community” became the library’s new mission. The strategic plan encouraged library staff to tap into the local expertise and further tailor collections, programming, and services to community needs with user profiles and feedback from focus groups and comment cards. All of this, of course, supported by a per capita budget of $56.69.

Read more:

LibraryAware Community Award Winner, 2013: Canton Public Library and Canton Township, MI

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