November 21, 2017

Librarians’ Picks | Library by Design, Fall 2013

Goin’ to Meetin’

The Opt4 High-Density Stack Chair from KI updates previous designs, making this version “exceptionally light, and the new styling makes it even more comfortable” for use in King County Library System’s community and collaborative spaces. KI,

Breaking the Mold

Teens are passionate about the True Love chair from HighTower featured in the King County Library System, WA. These comfy, molded foam seats are just the thing for a quiet read or an animated conversion. HighTower,

LED-ing the Way

In order to access every inch of shelf space, lighting options are key to most libraries. The MLR Sidekick System from Vode is an LED lighting system that keeps the stacks in the King County Library System lit to the very bottom shelf. Vode,

“The Path to Imagination”

The vast art installation at the new Sunnyside Library in Clackamas, OR, designed to lead people to the library entrance, presents “a beautiful way of blending art, library identification, and awareness of public safety.” According to artists Addie Boswell and Matt Cartwright, “The figures are based on original sketches of various library patrons…. The silhouettes are powder-coated in a dark grey tone to match the library building and its organic elements, with stainless steel and bright paint used sparingly to draw attention to the books, newspapers, tablets, and other reading devices the people carry.” Clackmas County Arts Alliance,

Gotta Dance!

The gel-filled LiquidMotion tiles at the Central Arkansas Library System’s new Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library and Learning Center beg to be jumped and danced on. Stepping on them leaves footprints and initiates color changes, much to the delight of children and adults alike. Techdesign Floors,

Flying High

These hanging birds banners by Mettje Swift are a great addition to the clerestory in the Children’s Center of Mesa County Libraries, Grand Junction, CO. Made with any choice of colors, they slowly rotate because of the movement of the air in the room. From the Banner Art Studio; check them out! Banner Art Studio,

High & Handsome

Dedicated to the stewardship of special collections in the University of Georgia Library System, the Richard B. Russell Special Collections Libraries Building was sited, designed, and constructed to embody the high performance standards of the university. The Berrington pendant lanterns and wall sconces “are the focus of the soaring three-story-high entry lobby and are visible through the glass front wall. At night, they provide a striking image from this library on a hill, presiding over a large oval lawn.” Crenshaw Lighting,


Jennifer Chilcoat, Central Arkansas Library System, Little Rock

Doris Grolbert, Clackamas County Library, OR

Nancy MacDonald, Mesa County Libraries, Grand Junction, CO

William Gray Potter, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens

Dri Ralph, King County Library System, Issaquah, WA

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