December 16, 2017

Year in Architecture 2013: Opening Doors to Collaboration

Opening Doors to Collaboration


The main entrance to Northwestern University’s Deering Library, Evanston, IL, was shuttered in 1970 when the University Library opened. Now, following a renovation to the west entrance and the Deering lobby, for the first time in 42 years the glorious front doors are once again open to one and all; accessible ramps were seamlessly incorporated into the project. CREDITS: HBRA Architects, architect; ©2011 Mark Ballogg, photo.


The Robarts Library Center for Teaching Support and Innovation (CTSI) at the University of Toronto was designed so that students and faculty “could gather to collaborate, learn, and strengthen the partnership” between CTSI and the rest of the campus. Varying ceiling heights differentiate spaces, and colored feature walls orient users to the library or the CSTI offices. CREDITS: Gow Hastings Architects, Inc., architect; photo ©Tom Arban Photography Inc.


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