February 5, 2016

Movers & Shakers 2014

Movers and Shakers 2014
Welcome to the 2014 LJ Movers & Shakers. The 50 individuals recognized here are passionate about what all types of libraries can do to enhance lives—for adults, teens, schoolchildren, infants, and toddlers. If there’s a common theme among their profiles, it’s that as much as the library is a place to go, it is also a place on the go—to wherever patrons or potential patrons are.

The Class of 2014 brings the total number of Movers to over 650. It was difficult to select just 50 people to honor from the more than 225 nominations we received. There’s not one Mover, however, who hasn’t told us that they couldn’t succeed without their colleagues, so, in effect, the Movers & Shakers represent hundreds more who work in and for libraries.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to submit. Thanks also to the ten writers who profiled these Movers. They include lead reporter Jen Pinkowski, along with Caroline Lewis, Grace Hwang Lynch, Elizabeth Michaelson, Marta Murvosh, Heather Schultz, LJ‘s Ian Chant and Matt Enis, and School Library Journal‘s Sarah Bayliss and Mahnaz Dar. As it has done in the past, OCLC continues to support Movers & Shakers online, including Movers on the Map, which has a complete list of Movers from 2002 to 2014.

Once again, we’ll be honoring this year’s Movers & Shakers at the American Library Association conference, at a luncheon in Las Vegas on Friday, June 27. If you’re one of the 650-plus, we hope to see you there! Francine Fialkoff, Project Manager, Movers & Shakers 2014

Movers on the MapOCLC logo
  John Chrastka Amed Demirhan Emily Drabinski Myron Groover
  Karen Jensen Sharon 'Smitty' Miller Teresa Runnels Ciro Scardina
Change Agents
Laura Damon-Moore & Erinn Batykefer Laura Damon-Moore & Erinn Batykefer Stephanie Davis-Kahl Stephen Grubb Elizabeth McChesney
  Robin Nesbitt Omar Poler Wick Thomas Alicia Virtue
Community Builders
  Kristi Chadwick Shelley Davenport Melissa DeWild Justine Hernandez
  Edwin Maxwell Vincent Scalfani Madeline Walton-Hadlock  

  Cory Eckert Stephanie Ham Amy Holcomb Shannon McClintock Miller
  Carmen Patlan Elizabeth Martin Stearns Rachel Vacek Tiffany Whitehead
Henry Bankhead Kevin Clark Brittany Dudek Cathryne Kaufman Brian Lashbrook
  Cheryl Lee Susan Lyon Sarah Sagmoen Erin Shea
Tech Leaders
Laura Damon-Moore & Erinn Batykefer Tasha Bergson-Michelson Tom Blake Cen Campbell Kyle Denlinger
  Lianne Flax Jan Holmquist Karen Lauritsen Caris O'Malley

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  1. Just a note: in Emily Drabinski’s “Vitals”, you link to RadicalTeacher.org, but the actual address appears to be http://radicalteacher.library.pitt.edu/ojs/index.php/radicalteacher. The other URL is, well, is written in Japanese and has something to do with STIs.