November 23, 2017

What’s Hot: The Latest in Library Products & Furnishings | Library by Design, Fall 2014



Pamphlets protected The Spine Wrap Pamphlet Binder offers durability, efficiency, preservation, an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and reversibility. Pamphlets can be quickly and easily stapled or sewn in for ultimate protection. The pressure-sensitive adhesive strip applied across the back of the binder, after the stitching is complete, conceals and protects the binding structure, giving the bound document a finished look. List Price: $4–$12. Archival Product, 800-526-5640,


Keep scores With both preservation and utilization benefits, the Spine Wrap Music Binder is a complex treatment that meets archival-quality performance standards. Designed for maximum flexibility, it lies flat on a music stand or piano deck for convenient use during performance. It also protects bibliographic information on the first and last pages of the score. List Price: $6–$22. Archival Product, 800-526-5640,


Shelve safely Carefully and effectively preserve rare posters, pamphlets, and documents with the Four-Flap Enclosure, which fully protects and securely holds materials without boxing and can be easily shelved. Fits materials up to 1/8″ thick. List Price: $6–$22. Archival Product, 800-526-5640,


Rare security The Custom Four-Flap Enclosure is the ultimate product for preserving rare books. Each volume is wrapped with a four-flap system and mounted in a folder that shelves nicely. Multiple scores fit materials ¼”, ½”, ¾”, and 1″ thick. Safe, effective, protective, and secure. List Price: $7–$12. Archival Product, 800-526-5640,



Rolling along A storage solution for industrial and commercial use, the Wire Rolling Cart (ALESW342416BA) boasts an easily assembled, snap-together design. Its welded wire construction provides strength and stability, while the finish surface prevents corrosion. List Price: $89.40. Showcases, 800-240-1850,



Let knowledge grow The Green Grass Grows Tracer encourages prewriting skills with objects that require a pincer grip to move and sequencing skills with stacked nature shapes. Includes lyrics to classic folk songs on each blade of grass. List Price: $730. Burgeon Group, 602-452-7285,


The wheels on the bus… There are dozens of interactive elements to be found throughout the Burgeon Bookmobile. The bus has bug viewers and a magnetic grill at the front. The back bench is perfect for some quiet reading; two steering wheels will “drive” kids wild. Toddlers can see how tall they are in real keys or library cards or spin the “wheels” of the bus to generate enough electricity to turn on the headlights. List Price: Call for price. Burgeon Group, 602-452-7285,


Get back to nature Each one-of-a-kind Entry Wall Mounted Oak Tree is individually handcrafted and painted with composite bark hand applied over steel. Inherently fire-retardant, the 16’-tall tree is designed to clad both sides of a doorway, creating an inviting entry into the children’s activity center. List Price: $75,000. NatureMaker, 760-438-4244,


Put on a show The Two Leaf Puppet Place is made from two slotted and interlocking leaf shapes and includes two standard interactives. The holes are perfect for peeking through or setting the stage for a play, depending on which side of the leaf you find yourself. Even the structural brackets are fun, crafted in butterfly, caterpillar, flower, and dragonfly shapes. List Price: $5,500. Burgeon Group, 602-452-7285,


Prehistoric playtime Familiarize children with the concepts of scale and size and encourage interactions between them and their caregivers with the Dinosaur Matching Panel. The pegs can be matched between the dinosaur’s tummies, and its removable back allows libraries to add their own content for sorting by color, shape, and size. List Price: $660. Burgeon Group, 602-452-7285,


Fixer upper The Tool Match Panel introduces children to what tools are and how they are used on small parts. Real tools are safely embedded for closer inspection in this matching game. List Price: $680. Burgeon Group, 602-452-7285,


Essential building blocks Kids will love playing and learning with this fun Builder Table. The convenient table with combination storage has a ¾”-thick solid maple top and a grid surface, compatible with Duplo and MegaBloks. A block kit is included with each unit and features a removable mesh storage bag that hangs below the center to keep blocks close. List Price: $214.99–$309. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,



Circ with style Perfect as a circulation desk or as an information kiosk, the Navigate is highly customizable. Choose from a wide range of wood or laminate finishes to make this quarter-round desk an extension of the library’s style. Available with lockable casters for movability and in a variety of configurations to suit specific needs. List Price: $11,330. Palmieri Furniture, 905-731-9300,


Disc efficiency LAT-Stena™ is designed to eliminate the burden of dispensing CDs/DVDs to patrons from behind the circulation counter. Capable of storing large volumes of discs, it allows staff to retrieve any item within seconds and eliminates repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). The multiple interconnected pods minimize physical space requirements and provide item tracking and security. It is expandable, works with existing circulation desk computers and scanners, and doesn’t require session initiation protocol (SIP) to operate. Multiple circulation stations can access the system simultaneously. Various advanced loading/unloading functions, including full reporting, are included. List Price: $899. LAT, 856-566-4121,


OPAC made easy Turn bulky, hardly used OPAC stations into zero-footprint, multifunctional workstations via the LAT-Opac™ system. With an “end-of-isle” touchscreen system, it is designed to facilitate a library’s OPAC station functionality and more. The fully embedded design keeps all of the controls hidden from view. The included LAT-QuickKeys™ software enables digital signage, web access, the reservation system, and more. Fully customizable and expandable. List Price: $999. LAT, 856-566-4121,


Cool lamination The Heat-Free Laminator (MMMLS1000) is safe and easy to use without warm-up time, fumes, or mess. It uses a simple, three-step process: load, turn, and trim. Fully compatible with inkjet, thermal, and other sensitive papers. It can laminate any document up to 1/10″ thick on either one or both sides. Laminating cartridges included or sold separately. List Price: $435.83. Showcases, 800-240-1850,


Neighborhood library The Little Free Library is a freestanding “take a book/return a book” center to help libraries expand into the neighborhoods they serve by making reading materials accessible in remote areas and hard-to-reach communities. Each comes assembled with a post-mounting plate and hardware. Includes replaceable roof panels, two sponsor panels, two advertising panels, and a hinged Plexiglas door. List Price: $694.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,



Study hard Constructed using a host of quality materials, the Sentinel Series DF Study Carrel will infuse a room with grace and timelessness. A closer look reveals a palette of features, including built-in wire management/power and the ability to daisy-chain multiple units together. Comes in widths of 36″ and 60″ and heights of 29″ and 39″. List Price: $2,898. Paladin Caseworks, 574-233-8778,


Work with elegance The Element Collection has been enhanced to include the Element Desk and Credenza. A solution to wire management and power needs, a hidden drawer slides forward to reveal concealed power and data ports. The collapsible drawer-front creates an ergonomic keyboard tray and a caddy, designed to hold mobile devices comfortably, is nested on the right side. Crafted of solid wood components, it also includes leather-wrapped drawer-fronts and employs traditional joinery techniques. List Price: $3,650–$4,775. Moser Contract, 800-708-9710,



Views from every angle With 360° of display space to showcase multiple items, the Alden can be ordered with either three or four tiers. With lockable designer casters, the unit is easily transferable between locations. Available in a variety of wood or laminate finishes. List Price: $2,310. Palmieri Furniture, 905-731-9300,


Tech display The BrandMe™ Galaxy Kiosk offers a stylish way to display your Galaxy Tab 3 or Note 10.1 securely. A tablet can be tilted from 0° flat to 90° vertical, and the base can be bolted to the floor for added security. The graphic insert dimensions are ¾” x 6″ x ¼” and must be completed by the customer. Comes in white or black. List Price: $466.60. Brodart, 888-820-4377,


iDisplay Constructed from aluminum and steel, the Swan iPad® Enclosure Kiosk is light yet durable. The enclosure is designed to angle the tablet 60° for optimal viewing and sits 14″ high on a 7″-wide base. It rotates 90° for smooth transitions between landscape and portrait mode. The base can be bolted to a countertop for security and features a keyed lock for easy tablet removal. Compatible with iPads 2/3/4. List Price: $209. Brodart, 888-820-4377,


Tablet presentation Sitting 14″ high on a 7″-wide base, the Swan Galaxy Enclosure Kiosk is perfect for tabletop viewing. It is designed to angle the tablet 60° and rotates 90° to transition between landscape and portrait mode. For added security, the base can be bolted down; a keyed lock provides easy access to the tablet when you need to remove it. Compatible with Galaxy Tab™ 1/2/3/4 and Galaxy Tab™ 10.1. List Price: $209. Brodart, 888-820-4377,


Optimal viewing The HoverTab Universal Tablet Enclosure includes an adhesive steel plate that attaches to the back of the tablet and is then mounted to a 6″-high stand. The stand is sloped at a 60° angle for optimum viewing and has a 4″ base for balance. An integrated key cylinder latches the device in place. List Price: $81.50. Brodart, 888-820-4377,


Propped up The BrandMe™ iPad® Floor Kiosk allows a tilt range from 0° flat to 90° vertical. Bolting the base to the floor heightens the security factor. The graphic insert dimensions are 34¾” x 6″ x ¼” and must be completed by the customer. Comes in white, black, or silver and is compatible with iPads 1/2/3/4. List Price: $466.60. Brodart, 888-820-4377,


Customizable unit The new Modular Display Shelving System is a modular, powered system of 3′-wide display units with wooden bases. The panel system is built around standard office partition frames with perforated faces attached to accept a variety of display shelves, bins, and LED monitors. The faces can be tailored with several materials and finishes and the ability to switch them in the field. List Price: From $1,500. Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating, Inc., 206-898-8859,


For the minimalist Highlight a variety of media on the chic yet minimal Single Post Focal Display. Made of 16-gauge steel and melamine, it features shelves and signage that can be adjusted every three inches. Postmount sign frame options are a great way to incorporate graphics with displays. Visual builder sign frames allow for graphics to be changed easily and can work with a range of thicknesses and material types. Each unit measures 64″ x 20″. List Price: $589.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,


Bold graphics Moxie is a large-format graphic panel system in which customized graphics are printed directly onto lightweight aluminum composite panels. With a moisture-, UV-, chemical-, and scratch-resistant overlay, the image is preserved and protected. Panels can be printed on a single side for mounting or on both sides for hanging from the ceiling for high impact. Available in ten standard sizes. List Price: Call for price. Demco Interiors, Inc., 800-747-7561,


Highlight the best To showcase popular and seasonal materials, consider the Reveal Mobile Display Unit. Complete with 12 adjustable and removable shelves, it can hold any standard slatwall fitting and includes lockable casters for mobility. The units are available in many colors and finishes to match existing or new spaces. List Price: $4,600. T2 Design, 512-394-4609,



American made Built in the United States, the Bookscanner 9000 produces high-quality images at 400 dpi for books up to 18″ x 28″ when open. The images produced are clearer than those of imported scanners of similar capabilities and price. List Price: $24,995. Indus MIS, Inc./Indus International, Inc., 608-786-0300,


Printing come to life The Afinia H-480 3D Printer is capable of prototyping a part or model up to 5″ cubed with an output accurate within 2 mm with 30 percent strength of injection molded parts. The printer includes PC and Mac software and USB connectivity and is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, and 7, and Mac OS 10.6 and above. Once a user calibrates the print head height with the easy-to-use interface, printing begins in minutes and may be operated in stand-alone mode. List Price: $1,299. Brodart, 888-820-4377,


Microfabulous Compact and contemporary, the ST ViewScan III microfilm scanner now comes with an all-new 14 megapixel USB 3.0 camera, making it the most advanced microfilm scanning solution available today. The color camera instantly creates sharp, clear, high-resolution images when viewing any type of roll film, microfiche, aperture cards, or opaque cards. ST Imaging’s Premium Software allows users to edit scans before saving by adding notes, highlighting, redacting, and more. Users can also save to Google Drive, Dropbox, and email; a variety of of pay per use solutions are supported. List Price: Varies by model and features. ST Imaging, 847-501-3344,


Pro scanning The ST600 Overhead Book Scanner is an affordable scanner designed with kiosk software for both first-time and professional users. The simple, safe, and secure environment saves images within seconds to USBs, email, Google Drive, Dropbox, and printers. Simply place the document, select the destination of the saved image, and within three seconds the media is scanned in full color at 600 dpi. List Price: $5,500 without a PC. ST Imaging, 847-501-3344,



Practical art The new Custom Bronze Book Bench Seat takes the original book bench seat to the next level with its added backing. A functional piece of art, this bench can be placed either outside or inside a library for patron use. List Price: $11,000. Randolph Rose Collection, 914-423-2047,


Configured seating With pieces that work in clusters, serpentine, or individual contours, Bloom is the ideal seating solution to fill any space. Available in an array of colors in either fabric or vinyl, it is perfect for a variety of environments. List Price: $2,185. Palmieri Furniture, 905-731-9300,


The feeling of home As comfortable as living room furniture, Molecule is also colorful and fun. With interchangeable pieces and the option for an electrical outlet, it is adaptable and can be arranged to fit into narrow or wide spaces. Available in several colors and patterns, it can be upholstered with vinyl or fabric. List Price: $5,655. Palmieri Furniture, 905-731-9300,


Seating for four The SM3 is a multipurpose collaborative bench and the core item of the Palmieri Social Media™ Collection. This unique furniture has been designed to seat four comfortably and comes with dual USB2 ports, accessible on either side to allow for uninterrupted work. With the ability to store backpacks or books underneath the seating, it is the perfect choice for any busy environment. List Price: $11,020. Palmieri Furniture, 905-731-9300,


East meets West Designed to complement and augment the aesthetics of nearly any environment, the Pacific Chair is available in either an upholstered or natural wood seat and comes in an armless task chair version or as a guest chair with arms. Constructed with traditional craftsmanship using harvested North American hardwoods, it takes its influences from ancient Japanese forms and modern Western lines for a simple and functional result. Depending on the wood species, this chair is available in several finishes, each designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. List Price: $550–$875. Moser Contract, 800-708-9710,


Tone up The Safco® Runtz™ Ball Chair is designed with an antiburst exercise ball on four powder-coated legs. Each chair has a limited lifetime warranty, is Greenguard certified, and meets CAL117 fire-resistance standards. Ball pump included. List Price: $160. Brodart, 888-820-4377,


Relieve strain Designed to provide industrial seating for a mobile environment, the Safco® Task Master Stand Alone Stool includes a black microcellular, polyurethane, contoured seat to relieve leg and back strain. The seat automatically tilts 15° and adjusts to ten heights ranging from 21″ to 35″. The stool features lower back support with a waterfall front, manually adjustable spring suspension, and a built-in footrest to add strength to the triangular steel tubular base and frame. List Price: $299. Brodart, 888-820-4377,


Sit and store The stylishly designed Safco® Scoot Mobile Filing Unit with Seat is a dual solution for storage and seating. Items inside are easily accessible with versatile options such as a unique side-access drawer, full-extension slides, and file rails to support letter-size hanging files. The unit glides smoothly on 3″ casters. List Price: $269. Brodart, 888-820-4377,


Rounded-edge seating Designed with an antiburst exercise ball on four powder-coated legs and stationary glides, the dynamic Safco® Zenergy™ Stool provides movement to increase comfort, concentration, and productivity. These mesh fabric ball chairs come in three colors, are Greenguard certified, and meet CAL117 fire resistance standards. Chairs have a weight capacity of 250 pounds and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Ball pump is included. List Price: $175. Brodart, 888-820-4377,


Charming chair Simply endearing, the Hank chair’s square back shell and wood-turned legs can sport a pop of color or wood tones. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,


Luxurious lounge Boxy with just the right contours, the Marseilles Lounge has a breezy elegance. Its frame and legs are made of sturdy, solid maple, and the firm cushioned upholstery provides the ultimate in comfort and support. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,


Hip to be a chair The Puck chair is trendy and hip with a strikingly rounded top. Its wood-turned legs are available in a variety of colors and wood tones. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,


Form meets function The Sensi High Stool embodies modern chic in a functional stool offered in a color range of Formica laminates. Featuring a refined original design, its frame structure is made of high-quality materials, available in chrome or satin, while the seat and backrest are formed from bent plywood. Thanks to their adaptability, these stools can be arranged into multiple combinations. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977,


Stay connected Fun and versatile, the Sensi Chair can be easily joined into rows using the built-in ganging mechanism and metal connecting elements. Frames are available in chrome or satin, while the seat and backrest are formed from bent plywood and are available in an array of colored Formica laminates or beech veneer. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977,


Sitting pretty The sophisticated Hampton Curve answers the call for aesthetics and space optimization. Maximize privacy even in the most public places with numerous configurations; a union of seclusion and collaborative space for all users. Seating can be covered in fashionable fabrics, backed in sleek veneers or upholstered screens. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977,


Clean lines The basic Gee Lounge is fully customizable, with options for arms, privacy sides, and back panels. Try configuring several in a pinwheel formation to maximize space yet provide a quiet area. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977,


Expand on the basics The Gee Curves expands on the Gee design by connecting two lounge chairs with a joining occasional table. Back panels allow for additional privacy while decreasing sound overflow from surrounding noise. Small groups will be pleasantly accommodated. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977,


Plug in More than a chair, the Gee Connect lets users recharge both themselves and their devices. It eliminates the search for charging stations and pairs technology with comfort and style. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977,


Seating your way No matter what the size or the need, Gee Modular on Casters is designed to fit any space. With endless arrangements, it will allow groups comfortably to create small private spaces. Added back panels offer seclusion and noise control. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977,


Straightforward design With a solid wood frame, vertical back slats, leg stretchers with a book rack, and a modified arched top back rail, the Berhmann is a solidly constructed chair that is straightforward and simply designed for adaptability. The carved wood saddle seat or upholstered slip seat allow for optimal comfort and sturdiness. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977,


Green comfort The NoCo2 chair has ergonomic properties derived from die-cut automobile tires. The seat and back float to accommodate user movement. Green in content, it teaches that problematic postconsumer materials can be directly recycled through creative engineering rather than product design having to source materials that are virgin or wholly reprocessed. List Price: $687. Peter Danko Designs, Inc., 866-950-5005,


Rockabye, patron… These surprisingly comfortable Gotham Rocker chairs are inspired by the Shaker style and a modernist aesthetic. They are the essence of “obviously manifests green” design because they build on traditional styles to evolve a truly sustainable design. Their construction yields just ten percent waste from tree to chair. Unless otherwise specified, the webbing is sourced from postindustrial stocks of automotive seat belt webbing. List Price: $4,320. Peter Danko Designs, Inc., 866-950-5005,


Bold whimsy The fanciful Lollipop Bench has been used in public areas of buildings ranging from libraries and shopping malls to government offices. This comfortable seat has a powder-coated steel frame and the option of a standard range of wood finishes. Available in silver and black and made in the United States. List Price: $1,318. Peter Danko Designs, Inc., 866-950-5005,


Sculptured seating Unusually molded from a single ply-bent blanket, the Bodyform chair insures a sturdy, lightweight option. Because of its unique construction, this design can be styled with choices beyond the flat top and round backs. The seat and backrest are contoured for comfort, though an optional upholstered seat is available. List Price: $1,318. Peter Danko Designs, Inc., 866-950-5005,


Collaborate and listen The Smith System Chat Chair provides an alternative between lounges and classroom seating, encouraging collaborative learning. Offering excellent flexibility and easy mobility via casters, chairs can be connected to each other or positioned individually. Available in 15 colors, with nylon or felt glides. List Price: $229.99–$399.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,


Scandinavian roots With clean lines, contrasting materials, an extreme 45° angle, and roots in Scandinavian design, the Finn is a modern lounge chair with a vintage feel. The natural cherry, maple, oak, or walnut is enhanced by a subtle aluminum reveal. It includes a number of variations, for example, benches for up to three people, chairs and sofas available with or without arms, and table sizes to accompany any seating arrangement. List Price: $719.99–$1,769.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,


Conversation piece Eve Oasis This contemporary solution transforms any space into a flexible array of intimate conversation areas. Chairs, love seats, and sofas come with either an upholstered or laminate back panel. Group together Eve benches and multiple table options to create practically any setup. Complete installation with PowerFlex power or other charging options. List Price: $1,089.99–$2,129.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,


Easy maintenance The Wink Chair and Stool comes in versatile designs with natural oak wood, saturated solids, or translucent colors. Available with or without a ¾” polyurethane foam upholstered seat, it cleans up easily with a soft cloth and warm water, making it ideal for locations with high traffic and for inevitable spills. List Price: $259.99–$814.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,


But no serpents? The Eve Children’s Chair offers 12 highly detailed and original creature designs engraved on both the front and the back, giving the chair a multidimensional appearance. A recycled steel base attachment secures the refined and tapered hardwood maple or metal legs to a curved plywood shell. Each chair has undergone extensive testing to ensure strength and durability for high-traffic environments and little hands. List Price: $379.99–$534.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,


Illuminate a room Add a little color and light to any setting with the Zuo Lumen Stool. This stool is made of a durable polyethylene (PE) plastic material. Sixteen multicolored LED lights brighten up decor with a soft yet colorful display. With a remote control, four modes, and a DC input rechargeable battery. Stools sit 15½” high. List Price: $349.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,


Soft squares The Tenjam Foam Cube is made of a high-density foam blend supported without the use of metal or wood frames. The durable coating resists stains, and its breathable bottom allows for moisture and humidity balance. List Price: $349.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,


Under the sea The Bonefish Café Stool’s unique, molded-resin seat will enliven any room with its one-of-a-kind shape and sleek metal legs. Seat height is 30″, while the overall height of the stool stands at 38¼”. List Price: $114.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,


Have a chat Isla Lounge Seating is a great solution for casual get-togethers of children, teens, and small groups. Strong, yet comfortable, the seat is composed of synthetic leather that can be wiped off for easy care. Fabric covers are removable and washable, while the soft cushions will last for years. List Price: $349.99–$609.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,


Perfect for privacy ABF Works’ new Waltzer seating line supports multiple functions while incorporating flexibility. It can provide an individual quiet study space or a private meeting place for groups. Each lounge is fitted with casters allowing users to change the space easily themselves. With a work surface measuring 5’6″ x 1’9″, the lounge allows users ample space for their materials and the ability to relocate their workstation for personal comfort. List Price: Call for price. Demco Interiors, Inc., 800-747-7561,


Shh—quiet study Hive by Palmer Hamilton is a single modular furniture system, including a range of backs, benches, screens, and work rails that make this one product the solution for creating different functional zones. Specify a mix of components to create a teleconferencing booth or a quiet study cube. The line also offers acoustical canopies fitted with lighting to provide private meeting rooms within a larger open area. Straight or curved, these modules have integrated power and data ports and accommodate flat-panel monitors, too. List Price: Call for price. Demco Interiors, Inc., 800-747-7561,


Side storage Find both mobile seating and personal storage in the Ebb Mobile. Available in two versions, the Ebb Mobile Open has an interior landing pad to protect personal items and keep them off of the floor. The Ebb Mobile Storage is equipped with a storage bin and drawer to keep personal items out of sight. In variety of textiles and three textured powder coats, the unit is easily moved with its twin wheel casters. List Price: Call for price. Leland International, 800-859-7510,


One with nature The striking Manitou View is offered with a number of nature-inspired images, as well as the opportunity to use custom graphics on one of the four distinct shell shapes. The exclusive application process allows for slight variations in the image placement to provide continuity without uniformity. This tested stacking chair is available with a sled or four-leg base, as well as counter and bar heights in up to nine powder-coat finish options. Durability and an assortment of trim levels make this ideal for a high-traffic library. List Price: Call for price. Freshcoast, 616-885-5850,


All grown up Originally introduced for children, the Beach Stone has matured with eight new models for patrons of any age and posture. Offered with or without a molded back, the seats nest together. Included in this new collection are three tables with surfaces that function as dry erase boards and have the option of power and data. All surfaces are upholstered over high-density foam for comfort. List Price: Call for price. Freshcoast, 616-885-5850,



Sleek security D-Tech’s Security Gates are available in various models and technologies, from traditional radio frequency to RFID. List Price: $2,995. D-Tech International USA, 609-435-5846,


Tag it Secure, identify, and track library materials with reprogrammable RFID Tags (RFID3002138). Each tag is composed of a memory chip and antenna to store information and security status. These tags can outlast the items they are affixed to, with a life span of 100,000 cycles/40 years. Each roll comes with 2,000 2″ x 2″ tags. List Price: From $349.72 per roll. Showcases, 800-240-1850,



Minilibrary The LibCabinet is like having a small library on location, with 24-7 patron access to maintain or extend the library’s reach. With a combined checkin and checkout function, an independent library is possible at any indoor location. Requires a network cable and power outlet. List Price: Call for price. P.V. Supa, 866-990-7872,


Just connect Like a home Internet router, LAT-SipRouter is a unique system designed to allow multiple devices to connect simultaneously to a single SIP port. Up to 16 devices can share the same port without interference. This router works on the outside of physical devices, and therefor no changes are needed on self-check or other SIP-based devices. Full setup and configuration control via browser. List Price: $999. LAT, 856-566-4121,


Small but powerful The LAT-Leap is a portable, ultra-low-cost, self-contained checkout system that addresses space needs while providing state-of-the-art technology. With a factory-hardened 22″ surface acoustic wave (SAW) touch screen, the fully enclosed system can be placed on a counter or even hung on a wall. Wireless networking is built in. Fully supports all Front-Gate security systems, including electromagnetic (EM) or radio-frequency identification (RFID). A high-speed, multidimensional scanner scans barcodes in any direction. Users are guided through the checkout process via on-screen animations and prompts. LAT-Central Enterprise Management Software is included with all systems. Numerous options, upgrades, and forms are available. List Price: $4,999. LAT, 856-566-4121,


Multipurpose unit LAT-Cube is a complete media protection and patron self-service unit in one compact, low-cost device. It is the only system of its kind that stores raw CDs/DVDs and dispenses them to authenticated patrons. There is no need to purchase security cases, tags, strips, lockboxes, or to hide the materials behind the counter. It functions as a full-featured self-check system for other library items as well. Fully Americans with Disabilities Act–compliant, it has a high capacity, a six-second retrieval time, and a 25 precent lower cost than previous models. List Price: $13,999. LAT, 856-566-4121,


Library outreach With the addition of the Lending Library™, patrons can take out materials and download ebooks to their own smartphones or tablets. Extend the reach of the library to remote locations. Stocks up to 500 items and connects directly to all integrated library systems (ILSes). Supported by local company-trained technicians. List Price: Call for price. RTI, 847-677-3000,


Mobile browsing The Library Media Box is an easy-to-use dispensing/returning machine designed to save staff time and shelf space and ensure security for materials. It features a touch screen for browsing and requires a library card. Patrons can look through inventory or place holds from any computer. Connects directly to all ILSes and supported by local techs. List Price: Call for price. RTI, 847-677-3000,


Holding station The HoldiT from D-Tech is a self-service holds pickup station. The unit has three modules: the main kiosk with patron graphical user interface (GUI) and nine lockers, a 14-locker module, and an eight module locker with returns bin. The main kiosk can control up to 102 lockers and interfaces to an ILS using SIP2. With assured patron privacy, this system can be used indoors or outside. List Price: $9,995. D-Tech International USA, 609-435-5846,


Help yourself D-Tech’s LendiT is a self-service library-material vending system that can also be used for holds. Available in capacities from 200 to 1,000 items, the system allows materials to be loaned as well as accepted back for circulation. Browsing is available through the ILS. List Price: $49,995. D-Tech International USA, 609-435-5846,


Electronic lending ComputeiT is a self-service lending kiosk for public laptop computers and any other device that needs charging. Electronics are dispensed, fully charged, to patrons without staff involvement. A single kiosk can manage 96 devices. List Price: $21,995. D-Tech International USA, 609-435-5846,


Self-checkout for all D-Tech manufacturers a variety of Self-Checkout Systems, from desktop to kiosk setups. Each system is ergonomic and environmentally friendly. The company makes its software available to libraries that wish to build their own. List Price: $3,995. D-Tech International USA, 609-435-5846,


Remote printing With the MobilePrint Service, patrons can print remotely or within the library from smartphones, tablets, and computers and pick up their printouts at the library. List Price: Call for price. EnvisionWare, Inc., 800-216-8370,


Technologically advanced The X-1 Series Self-Service Station, offered in kiosk and desktop styles, is uniquely customizable in body, display, and surface colors. EnvisionWare OneStop™ software for barcodes or RFID is included. List Price: Call for price. EnvisionWare, Inc., 800-216-8370,


All-in-one scanning Created specifically for libraries, the Library Document Station is a do-it-all document solution. Users can scan, save, email, print, and send to mobile devices. Small enough to put on a counter, the unit comes with a patron-friendly touch screen interface that enables scanning and can access optical character recognition (OCR) in seconds. List Price: Call for price. EnvisionWare, Inc., 800-216-8370,


DIY service The T2 Design Media Post can be used for self-checkout, catalog browsing, or quick, walk-up computer access. The base is designed to house any CPU; its column neatly accommodates the wires and cables. Available in a multitude of colors and finishes, it features a height-adjustable countertop. List Price: $2,199. T2 Design, 512-394-4609,



Perfect perusing Compact and versatile, the End of Range Book Truck is constructed with plywood and oak veneers. Its 6″-deep shelves adjust at 1″ increments. The toe kick has a full surround bumper. Includes 2½”-diameter casters. List Price: $1,052. Paladin Caseworks, 574-233-8778,



Hook it on Seat Sacks™ slide right over the back of a chair for extra storage and feature a 2″ gusset. The 10″ pockets are perfect for holding books, papers, school supplies, and more. Made of sturdy cotton/poly fabric laminated on flame-retardant, stain-resistant vinyl, they are machine washable, tumble dry. List Price: $11.75–$12.75. Brodart, 888-820-4377,


On the go The vibrant Seat Stacks™ Read-N-Go Book Bag is practical for storing and transporting materials. Its sturdy handle is contoured for effortless carrying; a clear pocket holds a name card or label. The 2″ gusset allows for ample storage capacity. Made of easy-to-clean poly-laminated fabric, this bag meets flame-retardant standards and is machine washable. List Price: $8.50. Brodart, 888-820-4377,


Recharge The WalliPad Tablet Charging Storage Locker is made of highly durable, lightweight materials and is well ventilated to resist overheating. It can store up to eight iPads with continuous Wi-Fi access and comes with an integrated eight-port industrial USN hub. The tablets’ original, existing power cords will facilitate quick setup and multidevice use. Can be wall mounted; its minimalistic design takes up very little space. List Price: $699.95. Brodart, 888-820-4377,


An ecomodern design With rich woods and the delicate serenity of a Japanese shoji screen, the Danko Cabinet is both striking and durable. The cabinet features doors detachable by magnetic hinges and is wired with LED lights. Assembled without glue, screws, or nails. List Price: Call for price. Peter Danko Designs, Inc., 866-950-5005,


Affordable aesthetic Replace box channel struts with new Designer Overhead Struts. Economically, this product requires less installation, with bolt-in ease and no damaging floor anchoring. Its arches can be laser cut with designs or signage. List Price: Call for price. Library Bureau Steel, 856-696-5700,


Save space case The Slim Poly DVD Cases (ZSDVD6) can hold up to six DVDs or audiobooks on CD. Three double frosty-vinyl and cloth interior sleeves are included. The case has the same dimensions as a single DVD case and will fit into security units. A full wraparound clear outer vinyl sleeve is open at the top, unsealed at the bottom, and unattached at the spine. Its inside cover holds a small booklet securely under clips. List Price: $2.99. Showcases, 800-240-1850,


DVD stash The Multi-Media Album (ZD20T) is the perfect solution for the Great Courses sets from the Teaching Company. It holds up to 20 audiobooks on CD and features metal rings, a self-locking dust lid, and a full wraparound clear vinyl sleeve that is open at the top, sealed at the bottom, and unattached at the spine. Albums can hold a small booklet (size depends on quantity of discs). Pages sold separately. List Price: $12.67. Showcases, 800-240-1850,


Audiobook armory The Poly Audiobooks on CD Album (ZPGCDR12) is made from recycled plastic with metal rings and a push-button locking closure. The most durable poly case on the market will hold up in extreme temperatures and will not crush or crack. Features full clear vinyl sleeve that opens at the top and is tacked at the bottom. Available in a 12- or 24-disc capacity. Pages sold separately. List Price: From $2.09. Showcases, 800-240-1850,


Lock it down With an easy-to-see lock status system, the Audiobooks on CD One-Time Security Case (ZOTCDR16) is compatible with RFID systems and is drop-box friendly. Simply slide the cases through the magnetic detacher to lock and unlock. Features a full wraparound clear outer vinyl sleeve that is open at the top, unsealed at the bottom, and unattached at the spine. Available in a 16- or 32-disc capacity. Pages sold separately. List Price: $6.25. Showcases, 800-240-1850,



For the growing child The Whitney Plus Table is constructed of 1″-thick birch laminate and boasts superior strength and durability in a natural UV finish. The high-pressure laminate tabletop resists scratches and withstands rigorous use. Legs come in interchangeable heights of 18″, 20″, and 22″ . List Price: $129.99–$599.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,


Tailor-made The Furniture Lab’s Designer Table can be customized online with the click of a button. List Price: $529.99–$619.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,


Easy storage The Kite Mini Mobile Table is as stable as fixed furniture yet as modular and flexible as a folding table. The crescent design allows for interconnection to form several setups. The original design allows tabletops to be folded quickly and rolled away. List Price: $624.99–$724.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,


Power up Available in round and square shapes, the KwikBoost Power Table is offered in standing and sitting heights. It accommodates electrical powering and charging options. List Price: $1,899.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,


Spellbinding The Alphabet Tracing Table features the alphabet printed in both lowercase and uppercase for tracing or embossing paper. The tabletop is made of a choice of edge-grain blond bamboo or Baltic birch and is completed with a urethane finish. Table legs come in interchangeable heights of 19″ and 22″ and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified hard maple with red stain. Natural Maple is available upon request. Custom stain is available for an additional fee. List Price: Call for price. Burgeon Group, 602-452-7285,


Bold and bright Liven up your teen space with the Danata Café Table. Aluminum edging and an adjustable base provide a clean and modern edge to the tabletop colors. It can be raised to fit higher stools or lowered to be paired with other seating. List Price: $124.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,


Simple but effective The Smith System UXL Power Bar provides easy and convenient access to power. The work surface is counter height, and the 16″-deep footprint allows it to work in smaller spaces. For extra stability, it can be mounted to a wall. Two sets of stabilizers are also included. List Price: $899.99. Demco, Inc., 800-356-1200,



The librarian’s dream The HP Library Elite Pad 900 and the brand new 1000 models are available with a wide choice of accessories. The 1000 model is available with a 4G connection that allows for roaming anywhere that has Wi-Fi or cellular service. List Price: $869. Team One, 678-365-2536,


All-access Boopsie for Libraries Mobile Apps are affordable, easy to deploy and maintain, and enable libraries of all types and sizes to acquire new users and increase circulation quickly. Fully hosted and maintained by Boopsie’s customer service organization. Available on all major mobile platforms. In addition to catalog access, the apps provide access to ebooks, e-magazines, e-audiobooks, and streaming videos. List Price: Call for price. Boopsie, Inc., 650-241-3300,



Modern must-have An elegant combination of wood and metal, the Fluid Table is sleek, attractive, and technology-ready. Choose from a variety of wood or laminate finishes. Optional dividers help to compartmentalize the surface for individual use. List Price: $3,835. Palmieri Furniture, 905-731-9300,


Organic shapes Break away from traditional desk shapes with the Lagoon Workstation. This organically designed furniture can easily connect to a power source. Various configurations allow for flexibility. List Price: $4,555. Palmieri Furniture, 905-731-9300,


Portable work surface The SM1 is part of a new collection of products designed by Mark Müller. Sit down anywhere and pull up this compact desk to start working with tablets or laptops. With a fresh design, this unit is heavy enough to stay put but portable enough to move from one location to another. Available in wood or laminate tops and a variety of paint colors for the metal base. List Price: $800. Palmieri Furniture, 905-731-9300,


Stand up for health The big brother of the SM1, the SM2 is a multipurpose workstation. Working with German-engineered hydraulic hardware, it is height-adjustable from sitting to standing positions. Comes in a variety of wood and laminate options. List Price: $1,520. Palmieri Furniture, 905-731-9300,


Table on the move The Finn Table offers a mobile furniture option for workspaces. Available with round, square, or rectangular tops. Metal legs are available with casters with a broad selection of powder-coat colors. List Price: contact for details. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,


Meeting space Adapting to new technologies, the Elements Media Station lets users connect with those near and far, sitting supported and comfortably to maximize engagement. Multiple-user data options and touch screens available. List Price: Call for price. AGATI Furniture, 312-829-1977,

What is Design Thinking?
From space planning, redesigning services and staffing, to developing more user-centric approaches, design thinking can help you problem-solve through ingenuity and creativity, and better understand and serve your patrons. Our introductory online workshop, Demystifying Design Thinking is designed for library professionals who want to take a fresh approach to tackling their library’s challenges through human-centered design.