November 21, 2017

The Evolution of Library Work | Careers 2016

ljx160301webCareer9As this quartet of essays attest, from today’s groundbreaking titles to tomorrow’s essential skills, what it means to be a working librarian is expanding. This can drive changing job descriptions—sometimes a ticklish process to negotiate with unions but successful if embarked upon with a collaborative attitude.
To get those new, improved positions, learn to navigate one of the trickiest aspects
of the hunt: the group interview.

Five Brand-New Jobs for Today’s Librarians
By Lisa Peet
Candidates looking for work, or to change fields, may find some surprising new positions
in the job listings to lure them

Top Skills for Tomorrow’s Librarians
By Meredith Schwartz
Library leaders share core competencies they’ll be looking for over the next two decades—
some new, many familiar, but taken to the next level

United We Change
By Jennifer A. Dixon
Inside the art of working with unions successfully to create and revise job descriptions
for the evolving needs of libraries

A Group Effort
By Michael Rodriguez
How to survive, and even thrive, in a multicandidate group interview

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