January 20, 2018


Academic New Landmark Libraries 2016 Walking Tour: Learning Commons, Marywood University, Scranton

nllwalkingtourslugMarywood University’s Learning Commons is a strikingly modern contrast to the buildings surrounding it on campus. Its position is part of a master plan aligning major campus areas, with the library a significant focus. Amazingly long while relatively shallow, the library is seriously sleek. A huge sculptural garden area fronts the library, letting visitors easily take in the expanse of the facade. Inside, cool greens and blues balance light woods, with windows framing both sides of the building to bring in light. Rea-ding and study areas feature a variety of seating options, and the requisite private study rooms are well equipped with the necessary tools. Starting with the lower level up to the third floor, a multimedia Centennial Wall projects the university’s history continuously through each level. Open areas on each floor allow for flexible seating, with study tables and other furniture easily movable to accommodate changes in usage. An inviting snack bar on the first floor opposite the Knowledge Bar will ultimately look out onto an amphitheater currently under construction. Photos by Kevin Henegan

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