November 24, 2017


Academic New Landmark Libraries 2016 Walking Tour: James B. Hunt Jr. Library, North Carolina State University, Raleigh

nllwalkingtourslugThe James B. Hunt Jr. Library at NC State University in Raleigh is a formidable sight on approach: a sparkling white mass with vertical fins weaving along the sides that look like they’d allow the building to lift off. Inside is no less spectacular—a shimmering space with open areas that blend into one another in a way that blurs the separation of floors. Light pours in from both sides, as white walls balance with furnishings and accents in a rainbow of colors that miraculously blend into a relaxing whole. Color has a key purpose in the design: red for service areas, yellow for wayfinding/stairs, orange for restrooms, and a deep aquamarine for elevators. Technology is state-of-the- art, with specialty spaces and study areas that offer myriad options for students and residents alike. Access to different levels is available at a number of areas on any floor, letting visitors take in a lot of the building no matter where they are. A space one definitely won’t want to leave. Photos by Kevin Henegan

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