December 6, 2016

Demco Buys Boopsie

Demco Inc., a major library supplier, acquired Boopsie, a leading library app vendor, the companies announced today. The acquisition, made via Demco’s parent organization Wall Family Enterprise, was completed September 30. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Charleston Connections | Charleston Conference Preview 2015

Photos courtesy of Charleston Convention & Visitors Bureau

The theme of this year’s Charleston Conference, SC, November 4–7, is “Where Do We Go from Here”—and, really, isn’t that the perfect articulation of the underlying theme of every library conference? But as LJ’s John Berry said in last year’s Charleston preview (“Uniquely Hospitable,” LJ 10/1/15, p. 38ff.), no matter what changes each year brings, the under­lying focus of Charleston remains “Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition” for academic and research librarians. As Big Deals shrink and journal prices rise, ljx151001webCharleston2acquisition models proliferate, and monographs join articles in the open access funding fray, there is no shortage of such concerns for attendees to sink their teeth into, in and around enjoying the famous foodie offerings of the host city.

Product Sourcebook | Library by Design, Fall 2015

ljx150902webLBDG-Rocking Bowl

Library by Design’s Product Sourcebook spotlights a curated selection of newly introduced library furnishings and finishings in key purchasing categories, which will rotate from issue to issue. This edition focuses on library products for children and powered furniture.

UpClose: Rooted in Nature | Library by Design, Fall 2015


The Vestavia Hills Library in the Forest opened in 2010 as Alabama’s first LEED Gold–certified library. The library takes its forest namesake very seriously: fewer than 25 percent of the trees on the site were disturbed in the building’s construction, and no tree more than 40 feet from the building was cut down. Of those that were removed, more than 80 percent were reincorporated into the library itself. The ceilings are made of pine; the entry hall is poplar; the service desks, fireplace exterior cladding, and doors to the community room are made of oak.

Jim Petersen on Serving the Entire Patron Base, Evolving UX, and other aspects of the Digital Shift


On October 14, Library Journal and School Library Journal will host their sixth annual virtual conference, “The Digital Shift: Libraries Connecting Communities.”

Library Ideas is a gold sponsor of the conference, and LJ reached out to Jim Petersen, Chief Revenue Officer of Library Ideas, to participate in this series of interviews addressing libraries’ evolving role in using the latest technology to connect patrons to the information, tools, services, that they need—and to one another.

UpClose: Alachua Library Keeps Its Cool | Library by Design, Fall 2015


In hot climates, air conditioning is a necessity to keep libraries livable for patrons and staff, especially during the summer. Climate warming is only exacerbating that situation. Unfortunately, air conditioning in turn accelerates climate warming. Now, innovative alternative cooling systems are looking to reduce that environmental impact, and the Alachua County Library District (ACLD), Gainesville, FL, is leading by example.

Under the Dome | Library by Design, Fall 2015

CHARRETTE, CALIFORNIA STYLE. 1. San Diego’s Central Library hosted the latest Design Institute, at which (2) attendees networked and compared notes. Chatting about issues were vendor sponsors, including (3) Demco’s Janet Nelson (2d from l.) and (4) Tech Logic’s Stan Smith. 5. Participants signed up for their respective challenge sessions. 6. San Diego PL director Misty N. Jones welcomed the crowd (7). The first expert panel discussed how to choose the right library size, moderated by San Diego County Library director José Aponte (8) and including (9; l.–r.) Jill Eyres from Group 4 Architecture, Research + Planning and Dennis Humphries of Humphries Poli Architects. Also offering their expertise were (10; l.–r.) Jeff Davis from Architectural Nexus and LJ Mover & Shaker Patrick “P.C.” Sweeney from Sunnyvale PL, CA, followed by lunch (11). Among the challenge sessions, Folsom PL was up for a potential redesign (12) as was San Diego PL’s Rancho Penasquitos Branch (13). Another panel on adaptable spaces and evolving uses (14) featured LAPL city librarian John Szabo (l.) and Noll & Tam’s Trina Goodwin. (15) Miller Hull Partnership’s Ruth Baleiko (l.) and Betty Waznis, director of the Chula Vista PL, presented their views, and audience members shot questions at (16; l.–r.) Group 4’s Andrea Gifford, Humphries Poli’s Dennis Humphries, and Noll & Tam’s Chris Noll. Photos by Kevin Henegan

LJ’s Design Institute: San Diego was held on Friday, May 8, at San Diego’s recently constructed Central Library. The award-winning space (see “The New Placemakers,” p. 14) was an inspiring setting for librarians from across the United States to gather and rethink what it means to build a library that will last in a time of rapid technological transition.

Creativity, Diversity, Simplicity | The Digital Shift

Denise Jacobs

Denise Jacobs is a web design and development industry veteran of 17 years and has written and coauthored several web design books and articles. She’s now a speaker, author, and consultant on creativity and innovation, as well as one of the keynote presenters at LJ’s free virtual event, The Digital Shift: Libraries Connecting Communities, to […]

Closing the Gap in Librarian, Faculty Views of Academic Libraries| Research


In this age of outcomes measurement, many academic librarians are focused—and rightly so—on making sure they best serve students. Yet students are not the only population of end users on an academic campus. Faculty, too, are conduits not only to students but to library users in their own right. As well, studies of faculty attitudes such as Ithaka’s often show that, even as faculty increasingly depend on library-brokered online access to expensive databases and electronic journals, the off-site availability of modern resources may leave many faculty members less aware of the crucial role of the library in their and their students’ workflow.

A Place To Feel Smart Again | The Digital Shift


Gerontologist Debbie Dodds developed a tablet-based workshop program with the Santa Cruz Public Libraries, CA, for people with early-stage memory loss. She and library representatives will present on the pilot at LJ’s all-day virtual event The Digital Shift this October 14. In the run-up to the conference, LJ caught up with Dodd to learn more.