April 29, 2016

Audio Spotlight: Marketing Strategies Help Vitalize Audiobook Collections

Audio Spotlight: Marketing Strategies to Vitalize Audiobook Collections

The audiobook industry continues to grow in near-equal measure in both the library and retail sectors, with the Audio Publishers Association (APA) ballparking sales at an all-time high of $1.2 billion. Libraries are in a real position to take advantage of the trend. Yet with diminished AV budgets, limited title and format availability, and a constant influx of competing downloadable and streaming offerings from the consumer realm, the prospect can be daunting. For libraries wanting to reap the benefits of increased awareness and discovery of their audio holdings, LJ spotlights some best practices in audiobook promotion, discusses some of the challenges inherent to the medium, and proposes new ways of thinking about audio that might even make it a catalyst for moving print.

At DI Greenville, SC, Green Is a Given

Among the topics of discussion at LJ‘s latest Design Institute (DI), a daylong seminar on building and design hosted at the Hughes Main Library of the Greenville County Library System (GCLS) in early November, were the challenges of urban vs. rural development and of responding to changing user needs. The event was the eighth in […]

LJ Design Institute, Dallas: Hands-on Green

A collaborative approach to sustainable building at LJ’s sixth Design Institute, in Dallas On December 11, 2009, the same weekend that the UN Climate Change Conference was taking place in Copenhagen, approximately 90 librarians, library board members, architects, and vendors from 12 states convened for their own ecominded summit at the Dallas Public Library’s (DPL) […]

More Media!

Welcome, media-hungry librarians and library students, to Library Journal‘s inaugural Media section, whose evolution was informed by your own suggestions, direction, and requests. Detailed mention in our audio reviews not just of library-edition CDs but also of retail editions and digital downloadables? Check. A greater number of AV reviews as well as added coverage of […]

New ePub Program for Penguin

Readers already owning the hardcover edition of Alan Greenspan‘s The Age of Turbulence and wanting to read the epilog written exclusively for the paperback edition can purchase it as a standalone as part of Penguin’s “eSpecials” program. Penguin eSpecials will have their own logo and, like all other Penguin ebooks, be available in formats including […]

Going Green

LJ’s second Design Institute tackles the ins and outs of sustainable buildings On December 11, approximately 115 librarians, architects, and planners convened at the Chicago Public Library‘s (CPL) Harold Washington Center for LJ‘s second Design Institute (DI). Through a daylong series of green-themed presentations, panels, and breakout sessions, they conferred on the latest developments, options, […]

Learning Gardens

New York’s GreenBranches program links the library to the street To the individual, gardens area link to the natural world, offering solace, refuge, inspiration, and purpose. To a low-income neighborhood, where often the only greenery sprouts from between cracks in concrete, their impact can be monumental, signaling sustainability, beautifying, attesting to value and worth—even prompting […]

Where Are They Now?

LJ revisits a decade’s worth of graduates When these LJ cover subjects were profiled as part of our annual Placements & Salaries issue, they had come from all walks of life. Susan Winch had been a social worker, for instance, and Chery Marzano was director of a day-care center. Armed with library science degrees from […]