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Some "Censorship" is Good

Hmmm, there sure seem to be a lot of twopointopians and others terribly upset LJ is hosting the AL. I'm so "anonymous." Scary! It seems I'm also "negative," and we're all supposed to be "positive" and "constructive." Cry me a river, Pollyanna. Yay, team! Let's go, go, go! Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate! Libraries! L-I-B-R-A-R-I-E-S! Yay! What happened? Did they start passing out happy pills sometime after I finished library school? As you enter the brave new world of twopointopia, do they hand you the soma at the door? I'll stick with my martinis, which, thanks to the enormous amount of money LJ is paying me now, can be made with Bombay Sapphire instead of the old Bombay Dry. They've even been kind enough to set up a minibar in my corner office on the thirtieth floor so I can look out on the park while I sip them. They also provided a cute bartender named Chip (Hi, Chip!) to mix them up for me. La dolce vita! Now down to business. ...

"Censors" are So Scary!

My how things change. On a blog hosted right here at Library Journal, an LJ editor has made a point of attacking the Annoyed Librarian on several occasions. And now here's the AL hosted at LJ. Apparently neither of us is very careful about the company we keep. Just think, a few weeks ago I was sitting in my lonely writer's garret writing the AL. Now I sit in my beautful new corner office on the thirtieth floor overlooking the park looking for things to be annoyed about. Selling out to the Man? I highly recommend it! Last week, of course, was Band "Banned" Books Week, or BBW, the week when the ALA remembers that libraries used to promote books and reading instead of video games and Internet pornography. It's also the week where those nice folks at the Office of Intellectual Freedom try to redefine "censorship" so they can make it look like they're really protecting us from something powerful and sinister - like some rube in Bumflap, GA trying to get Heather Has ...

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