February 10, 2016

Academic Movers 2015: In Depth with Jenna Nolt

Jenna Nolt

In our latest 2015 In-Depth Interview with Library Journal Movers & Shakers from academic libraries, sponsored by SAGE, we spoke with Jenna Nolt, digital initiatives librarian at Kenyon College, Gambier, OH. After a stint digitizing rare books for the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Nolt moved to Kenyon’s Olin Library in 2014. In her short time there she has transformed Digital Kenyon, the college’s institutional repository, into a viable and robust resource for both students and faculty.

Drexel Librarian, Students Help Design 10th Annual Knovel Academic Challenge

Knovel Academic Challenge logo

The Knovel Academic Challenge enables thousands of engineering students at universities around the world to hone their research skills while competing for prizes and recognition. This year, a group of four students from Drexel University, assisted by Jay Bhatt, the university’s liaison librarian for engineering, took their participation to another level, designing the engineering problem sets that were used in this fall’s 10th annual challenge.

Academic Movers 2015: In Depth with Adam Rogers

Adam Rogers

In LJ’s latest 2015 In-Depth Interview with Library Journal Movers & Shakers from academic libraries, sponsored by SAGE, we spoke with Adam Rogers, emerging technology services librarian at North Carolina State University (NCSU) Libraries. Rogers leads the DIY creation and collaboration space in NCSU’s D.H. Hill Library and Hunt Library’s fully-equipped Maker space, which features 3-D printing, scanning, and laser cutting; electronics prototyping kits; and instructional workshops.

Amherst College Protesters Occupy Frost Library

Amherst protest

On the evening of November 11, Katyana Dandridge, Sanyu Takirambudde, and Lerato Teffo were depressed and frustrated. The women, all sophomores at Amherst College, were upset about what was happening on other college campuses—not only at the University of Missouri and Yale but at universities in Teffo’s native South Africa—and wanted to do something to show solidarity with students at “every other institution across the world where black people are marginalized and threatened,” they said in a statement.

Harvard Launches “Free the Law” Digitization Project

Langdell Hall, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA
Photo credit: Daderot via Wikimedia Commons -

It took Harvard Law School (HLS) nearly 200 years, since its founding in 1817, to amass its collection of United States case law reporters—one of the world’s largest collections of legal materials. It will take the HLS Library about three years to scan and digitize that collection and, in partnership with legal technology startup Ravel Law, make it freely available to the public online. If all goes according to plan, by early to mid–2017, the “Free the Law” project will have digitized the “official print versions of all historical U.S. court decisions,” according to the HLS Library blog.

Three Questions to Ask and Answer Every Day | Leading from the Library

Steven Bell

Finding fulfillment in the workplace is no easy task. Leaders and library workers should routinely ask three questions to create the library environment they and their colleagues will want to come to every day.

LJ Leads the Change with Its Library Design Workshop


Library renovation and construction projects can be intimidating for those who are part of the planning process—especially if this involves stepping into a new role.

Markers of Quality: The Role of Librarians in Everyday Life Information Literacy | Peer to Peer Review

Leslie Stebbins

This all started when my teenage son reported that Adam Sandler has Ebola. He saw it trending on Facebook. I sighed inwardly and asked if he had looked at the source of the information. Being the son of a librarian he quickly said: “Yes! CNN.COM.”

Academic Movers 2015: In Depth with Colleen Theisen

Colleen Theisen

In our latest 2015 In-Depth Interview with Library Journal Movers & Shakers from academic libraries, sponsored by SAGE, we spoke with Colleen Theisen, special collections outreach and engagement librarian and social media manager at the University of Iowa (UI) Libraries in Iowa City. Theisen has worked to promote the university’s special collections since she arrived in 2012, taking advantage of the ubiquity of social media to reach a popular audience as well as academic colleagues. News, highlights, and information about the library’s special collections—including the university archives, map collection, Hevelin fanzine collection, and the Iowa Women’s Archives can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, and Vine (and archived on a retired Pinterest page); the special collections Tumblr channel alone has 44,000 followers worldwide.

JSTOR, DataLab Launch Sustainability Site, Collaborate on Tools for Interdisciplinary Researchers


JSTOR Labs, in partnership with Eigenfactor project co-founder Dr. Jevin West and the University of Washington’s DataLab, have launched JSTOR Sustainability, a new website powered by Eigenfactor Article Influence scores and a 1,500 term semantic index created by JSTOR. Currently in beta, the new website is the product of JSTOR and DataLab’s collaborative effort to help scholars in interdisciplinary fields understand and navigate literature outside of their core areas of expertise.