November 24, 2014

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Security Solutions | Product Spotlight


Library security systems are described as “non-glamourous work-horses” on Bibliotheca’s website. It’s true that the core function—to deter theft and prevent materials that haven’t been properly checked out from accidentally walking out of the library—hasn’t changed much since 3M launched its Tattle Tape electromagnetic (EM) security system in the 1970s. However, many of the latest systems feature new functionality enhanced by RFID tags, along with sleek, unobtrusive design that gives public entryways a modern appearance.

Year in Architecture 2014: Commons Sense

Architecture 2014

The library construction projects completed between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014, seem to have found common purpose around a common theme: community. As such, many of the 16 academic projects and 84 public library capital efforts find themselves at the center of their respective neighborhoods. Whether large or small, on an expansive budget […]

Year in Architecture 2014: Missions Possible


The Hicks Undergraduate Library, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, offers students just what they need: quick access to course materials and the Internet, plus a friendly spot in which to lounge. CREDITS: GMB Architecture + Engineering/McGee Designhouse, architects; Tony Frederick Photography, photo. Striking a balance between its mandated Mission style and expressive modern forms, the […]

Year in Architecture 2014: Above and Beyond


Nearly 60 percent of the Jerry Falwell Library at Liberty University, Lynchburg. VA, is dedicated to individual and collaborative spaces, with up to 80,000 items displayed in its four-story book tower. CREDITS: VMDO Architects, architects; ©Alan Karchmer, photo. The 1910 Carnegie-built John Hay Library, Brown University, Providence, refurbishment brought its treasured collections to wider use […]

Year in Architecture 2014: Elegant Eclecticism


The Carbondale Branch Library, CO, part of Garfield County Libraries, is a full-service community library. The new 13,000 square foot building in this “small, eclectic town” features a reading porch, an outdoor community table, and a public blackboard. CREDITS: Humphries Poli Architects and Willis Pember Architects, architects; Greg Watts, photo. Structural issues bore down on […]

Year in Architecture 2014: Know Much About History


Now 120,000 square feet, the expanded Madison Central Library, WI, features a three-story atrium that encloses a once open courtyard and is home to the entryway and elevators, reading lounges, and a commons. CREDITS: MSR, architects; ©Lara Swimmer, 2013, photo. What better than to have the Ames Free Library, North Easton, MA, connected to an […]

Year in Architecture 2014: East and West and Everything in Between


With multiple porches and reading gardens, the remodeled West Tisbury Free Public Library, MA, takes advantage of its rural site and central historic location. Light-filled spaces are enhanced by a well-placed cupola and skylights. CREDITS: Oudens Ello, architects; ©2014 Mike Rebholz, photo. The East Boston Branch of the Boston Public Library is the first in […]

Year in Architecture 2014: Beaming with Pride


The Stapleton Library, Staten Island, a branch of New York Public Library, comprises a renovated 1907 Carnegie building, now the children’s reading room, and a new 7,000 square foot adjacent structure. The Douglas fir elements on posts and the roof deck enhance the open feel. CREDITS: Andrew Berman Architect, architect; Naho Kubota, photo. RETURN TO […]

Year in Architecture 2014: Open to the Elements


The Niles Public Library, IL, has a new wood ceiling and service desk highlighted by a glass installation that serves as a guide to visitors. Introducing natural light was a major facet of the renovation. CREDITS: Product Architecture + Design, architect and photo. The remodeled Jupiter Branch Library, Palm Beach County Library Systems, FL, incorporates […]

Year in Architecture 2014: Rising Expectations


A sense of openness pervades the Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons at Salem State University, MA. Among its grand features is a glass curtainwall that draws light into the building and offers campuswide views. CREDITS: Shepley Bulfinch, architects; Chuck Choi, photo. The remodeled Library 21c, Colorado Springs, with its soaring atrium, repurposed 100,000 […]