September 30, 2016

Library Leaders Ignore Organizational Politics at Their Own Risk | Leading from the Library

Steven Bell

Do we do ourselves a disservice when we believe that hard work and playing by the rules are enough to be a successful leader? As leaders, do we hurt the library when we fail at institutional politics?


Looking Forward | Office Hours


This year, 2016, marks my tenth year as an LIS professor. I’ve witnessed some big transitions in our field, with more to come. What will LIS education look like in another 20 or 30 years? How will we be teaching the core values of a 200-plus-year-old profession while also providing insights into information use in the year 2046?

Feedback: Letters to LJ, September 1, 2016 Issue

Fostering feedback, questions for senators, rerouting reference, and more letters to editor from the August 2016 issue of Library Journal.

Shakespeare Celebration: A Town-Gown Collaboration | Peer to Peer Review

Student docent in action at Missouri's Kansas City Public Library First Folio exhibit

Kansas City Public Library, the lone site in the state of Missouri to host a copy of Shakespeare’s First Folio, worked with a local university on a for-credit course to prepare student docents.


Designing Our Future | Editorial


At 140, Library Journal looks ahead, at what’s coming for our communities, and at the sophisticated ways today’s leaders are sculpting more nimble organizations to manage the challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

Take Out the Books | The User Experience


The Inter-Faith Council (IFC) in Chapel Hill, NC, in fall 2015 opened the doors to its new residential men’s shelter, the Community House. Included in the new building was a room designated as the shelter’s library. Seemingly within minutes of its existence, generous book donations had filled the small space, but the residents didn’t use it. When Stephani Kilpatrick, residential director of IFC, asked if the Chapel Hill Public Library (CHPL) would help turn this space into something more useful, we jumped at the chance.

The Dog Days of Summer 2016: Updates, Canvassing, and Cogitations | Not Dead Yet


The dog days of summer spanned a large portion of August and though the calendar has turned over to September, they seem not to be about to let up (!@#$!#$!$$!). Therefore, I’ve been staying in the air-conditioned house whenever possible, catching up with work, and skritching the dog and cats–if not to their hearts’ content, at least much closer to the amount of skritching expected of me. Here’s a potpourri column; a medley of happenings and queries.

The Misinformation Age | Blatant Berry

John Berry III

“Those who know don’t talk, those who talk don’t know.” That old bromide was applied to commentators on broadcast media, though we could currently swap out post for talk. Some of those original talking heads gave us wisdom, others simply nattered on to fill their allotted airtime. Today, the paraphrase fits as what we call “social media” overtake the traditional ones.

Make the Academic Library a Safe Space…Literally | From the Bell Tower

Steven Bell

As the guardians of a facility that welcomes all community members, academic librarians believe in the value of the library as a safe space. Keeping it safe, literally, takes effort. Knowing how to prepare and proceed can help.

Leading the Creative Library | Leading from the Library

Steven Bell

It helps leaders to harness their own creative potential, but they should also pay attention to creating the right culture and environment that leads to a creative library organization as a whole.