April 24, 2014

Why I stick with ALA | Blatant Berry

John N. Berry III

Despite my frustrations with The American Library Association (ALA) Council, I voted in its election. The ALA Council’s email list (ALACOUN) has been endlessly repetitious for weeks. It was spurred by an array of fatuous messages from a chapter councilor fixated on cutting the number of at-large councilors in that august body.

A Rebel Spring | Blatant Berry

John N. Berry III

Students get to spring and each new semester first with their youth, enthusiasm, commitment to our profession, their innovation and creativity. For me that means they have an edge over we older librarians. We are a bit burned out after our endless struggles to serve through the winters of librarianship, the chronic budget and other shortages that have always made librarianship more difficult and, alas, eroded our professional ­morale.

The students, meanwhile, believe anew in our core values and carry on our profession’s enthusiastic desire and willingness to serve. They enthusiastically observe and share our faith in the redemptive power of good libraries in a community.

The Mission Creeps Onward | Blatant Berry

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Ongoing efforts by trade and scholarly publishers to demand higher prices for their digitized content and the growing, if flawed, perception that new technologies have made the information function of libraries obsolete have put librarians on the defensive. New devices and methods to deliver the entertainment and information people want have rekindled ancient debates about the mission of the library.

For All the People of NYPL | Blatant Berry

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To mollify a chorus of protests from some of the intellectual elite of the city and the nation, Tony Marx, president of the New York Public Library (NYPL), got Abby and Howard Milstein to put up the money to make space at 42nd Street to store 3.3 million volumes of 4.5 million planned for remote storage. It was an expensive but responsive move, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy Ada Louise Huxtable, the grand dame of architectural critics who writes for Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

The Fight for Free Information: Liberate Our Cultural Assets from Economic Prisons | Blatant Berry

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The cheering echoes still throughout librarianship. Recent court decisions—such as the HathiTrust’s win over the Authors Guild—strengthen the use of the concept of “fair use” to exempt from copyright the reproduction of material, liberate the free digitization of so-called “orphan works,” and allow free public access to the results. Yet even those cheering the loudest caution that there are still no definitive rules to apply to these victories. The victories are yet evidence of the value of well-organized efforts to prevent copyright from locking up our intellectual and cultural resources. The leaders of the Library Copyright Alliance (LCA), comprised of the Association of Research Libraries, the American Library Association (ALA), and the Association of College and Research Libraries (an ALA division), deserve the cheers and the continuing support of librarians.

A New Weapon for Budgets: EveryLibrary | Blatant Berry

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I was overjoyed when John Chrastka emailed to tell me about EveryLibrary, the new political action committee (PAC) he had just created. EveryLibrary will raise funds nationally and spend them on local library ballot initiatives like tax rates, bonds, and other referenda. It is difficult to understand why none of us in the profession nor our organizations did this decades ago.

It’s Time To Fix Library Advocacy, Now! | Blatant Berry

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The library profession’s advocacy efforts have had very little impact. Why we have not addressed this obvious problem more aggressively is a mystery. Of course, there have been some successes, especially at the local level. They have been good enough to show us that the great reservoir of public support for public libraries is still full and can be tapped. Still, the profession simply has not found a way to tap that public support to influence the political process.

Add Substance to Style: ULC’s New Leadership Brief Neglects Public Library Values | Blatant Berry


It isn’t a fatal flaw, but the third in the Urban Libraries Council (ULC) series of “knowledge briefs,” Library Leaders Owning Leadership, would have been stronger with substantive content on the values of librarianship.

The Programming Explosion | Blatant Berry

Programs for the public have always been a staple of American library service. New needs brought on by an economic downturn, a shift to digital devices, and an onslaught of immigration have given library programs greater importance than ever in the array of offerings public libraries provide. The result has been development of new best practices to make library programs much more popular with the public and much more useful in providing things people want and need. [...]

Dan Rather is No Stranger to ALA | Blatant Berry

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It won’t be the first time Dan Rather of CBS News fame has appeared at an ALA Conference when he speaks at the ALTAFF President’s Program on Monday, June 25 at 8:30 a.m — Dan Rather and a camera crew from “60 Minutes” showed up to cover the ALA Council debate over a controversial film in 1977.