April 15, 2014

Leading from the Library

Learning to Connect the Dots | Leading From the Library

Great leaders have some talents that can’t be quantified and may be more intuitive than learned. Among them, the great ones have an ability to connect separate pieces of information to form a useful pattern. But there may be ways to get better at that.

Looking for and Learning from Leadership Stories | Leading from the Library

Steven Bell

There are many ways to learn about leadership. One we may overlook is stories of great leaders—and sometimes leaders who faltered. If great leaders are learners, leadership stories have much to offer.

Thinking Your Way to a More “Leaderly” Presence | Leading from the Library

Steven Bell

New research suggests that you may be able to think your way to being more “leaderly” by changing your how you think about yourself.

For Leaders, Creativity and Failure Go Hand in Hand | Leading from the Library

Steven Bell

Leaders are told they must create a culture that fosters risk, rewards achievement, and accepts failure. That’s all good, but to make it happen, leaders must learn to set the stage for creativity.

The Best Man for the Job is a Woman | Leading From the Library

A flurry of studies, reports, and articles are pointing to new findings about gender and leadership. Men and woman bring different strengths to the practice of leadership. Let’s avoid arguing about who’s better, and focus instead on how the sexes can learn from each other and improve as leaders.

There’s No Such Thing as Library Leadership | Leading From the Library

There’s leadership. Then there’s library leadership. Or is there? Is being a leader in a library so different that it is a leadership entity unique unto itself? A library leader is ultimately, a leader who performs their work in a library, but what makes him or her a leader is not unique to the library setting.

Four Steps To Becoming a More Decisive Leader | Leading From the Library

Good leaders need to make good decisions. Unfortunately we humans make bad decisions—for all the wrong reasons. Anything thing we can do as leaders to give ourselves an edge in making better decisions is good for our organizations. Chip and Dan Heath offer a four-step process for better decision-making.

Learning To Be a Remarkable Leader | Leading from the Library

Who doesn’t want to be a remarkable leader? Such leaders manage to combine powerful thinking and feeling skills. However, getting there is hard. Only about twenty percent of leaders are remarkable. What does it take? One of the long-lasting debates in the field of leadership is whether leaders are born or made. According to Dr. Karol Wasylyshyn (pronounced WA-SA-LISH-IN), a leadership researcher who combines expertise in business and psychology, it’s neither one. She believes that when the forces of education, experience, and behavior come together in the right blend, under the right conditions, a remarkable leader may emerge.

Learning to Lead in a Cynical World | Leading From the Library

Those seeking more formal leadership roles will inevitably encounter cynicism. We live in cynical times, and there is distrust of those in leadership positions. If you anticipate it and have strategies for coping with it, leaders can learn to turn the cynics into believers.

Leadership Lessons for Higher Education Administration | Leading From the Library

Thinking about academic library administration as your next career step? When you do, you become a higher education administrator too. Here are some things you may want to know about moving into higher education administration, and some leadership lessons you’ll learn when you do.