January 30, 2015

Leading from the Library

Are You “The Man” or “The Mobilizer?” | Leading from the Library

Steven Bell

Leaders have the power: To make changes. To set direction. To accomplish things. The nature of power is changing. Smart leaders will learn how to make the most of it.

What’s Your Personal Mission? | Leading from the Library

Steven Bell

Good leaders need to be focused and consistent. It pushes them to achieve their goals in a way that followers can anticipate and count on. Having a personal mission statement can help leaders stay true to this fundamental approach.

Sell Your Ideas Like a Shark Is Listening | Leading from the Library

Steven Bell

You’ve got a great idea for your library. You think it’s a slam dunk for success. No one else is listening and you’re frustrated. Maybe you need a new approach.

Understanding the Culture or Establishing It | Leading From the Library

Steven Bell

“Don’t expect to change anything unless you can do it within the constraints of the organization culture” is a piece of advice often given to leaders. Perhaps leaders are better off ignoring it and establishing a new culture.

Deciphering the Next Big Thing | Leading From the Library

Steven Bell

Spend enough time as a leader and you’ll be exposed to an endless series of new models for leading, managing, and organizational change. How do you tell the difference between the fly-by-night fads and the ideas worth your time investment? That’s a skill leaders need to develop.

Leadership Communication: Getting Beyond the Basics | Leading from the Library

Steven Bell

Look at any job description for leaders at any level and there it is under essential qualifications: excellent communication skills. Recent leadership literature suggests there’s more to it than being a good listener and an articulate speaker.

Make It a Place They Want to Work | Leading From the Library

Steven Bell

We look to our leaders to enable us to get things done. We look to them for vision and inspiration, but we also want leaders who make progress and get our organization to the place where the vision becomes reality. What sometimes gets overlooked is the need to create a workplace where people want to be while all the work is getting done.

Learning From the World’s Greatest Leaders | Leading from the Library

Steven Bell

Fortune’s Greatest Leaders List is one of its special reports that I look forward to, not only for the satisfaction of seeing who made the list but also to see what new nuggets of inspiration can be drawn from the profiles. You rarely find profiles of the greatest leaders all in one space. I admit to being curious about what makes them great and what wisdom those profiles might offer.

Seeing Your Future Self: Do You See a Library Director? | Leading from the Library

Steven Bell

At some career stage librarians may contemplate moving to an administrative leadership position with the goal of becoming a director or dean. Here are some things to consider as you dwell on your administrative leadership potential.

Learning to Connect the Dots | Leading From the Library

Great leaders have some talents that can’t be quantified and may be more intuitive than learned. Among them, the great ones have an ability to connect separate pieces of information to form a useful pattern. But there may be ways to get better at that.