April 19, 2014

What Employers Want from College Grads | From the Bell Tower

Academic librarians believe they have something to contribute to the development of lifelong learners. There’s more to being a lifelong learner than having the skills for workplace success, but listening to what employers are looking for could provide guidance.

In Higher Ed Some Intellectual Property Counts More Than Others | From the Bell Tower

The new AAUP Draft Intellectual Property Statement has nothing to say about works of scholarly publication. Are they not intellectual property? Or does some property count more than others?

Too Complex May Soon Be Just Too Outdated | From the Bell Tower

Too Complex May Soon Be Just Too Outdated | From the Bell Tower

If today’s college students find even email too outdated for their digital tastes, how can we expect them to deal with the typical library e-resource?

Openness to Textbook Alternatives is Growing | From the Bell Tower


Both the higher education and mainstream media tend to report on studies relating college students’ lack of openness to non-print textbooks. More research and experimentation in this area suggest student attitudes may be starting to change.

Hey Boomer Academic Librarians: Let’s Talk About Retirement | From the Bell Tower

When to call it quits is a vexing matter for many library professionals. Recognizing we need to move along to create opportunities for new colleagues is just one consideration. Higher ed faculty are having a similar debate, but many are choosing to hang on as long as they can.

Avoiding the Black Swan Approach to Interns | From the Bell Tower

The Black Swan case brings to light a higher education tradition that needs closer examination and possible rethinking. Academic librarians who supervise student interns will want to make sure they follow recommended practices for productive internship experiences.

Higher Ed in State of Flux for the Fall | From the Bell Tower

The need for greater accountability in higher education is back in the spotlight, and this time the major advocate calling for it is President Obama. A new plan for rating colleges and connecting it to financial aid allotments is sure to put higher ed administrators on edge.

Understanding Millennials Still Matters | From the Bell Tower

Not all that long ago, academic librarians spent considerable time talking about millennials and how they differed from previous generations—and how we could change to better serve them. While we’ve moved on to other issues, millennials are still out there. Although millennials may no longer garner much attention from academic librarians, a new report suggests we need to get them back on our collective radar screen.

What Academic Libraries Can Learn From Howard County Public | From the Bell Tower

There’s a reason that the Howard County Library System, MD (HCLS) is the Gale/LJ 2013 Library of the Year—an incredible focus on user experience and staff development that enables each worker to invest in the success of the library. It’s a case study for academic librarians who want to take things to the next level of service and community engagement.

Career Services and Academic Libraries: A Good Fit | From the Bell Tower

The campus library isn’t the only academic unit figuring out how rethink itself for the next generation of students. Career services is also trying to adapt to a changing higher education environment. Tackling our mutual issues together may be wise.