July 25, 2014

Left Behind by the EdTech Surge | From the Bell Tower

Steven Bell

There’s loads of activity happening in the world of educational technology. New startups. Dozens of websites for managing learning activities. Apps by the dozens. Academic librarians seem out of the loop.

The Subconference: Passing Fad or Next Big Thing? | From the Bell Tower

Steven Bell

The MLA Conference is a top attention getting event in the higher education media. But the unofficial and unrecognized MLA Subconference generated lots of buzz. What does it say about higher ed, and will it catch on?

Asking Fundamental Questions About the Humanities | From the Bell Tower

Drawing of a crane removing the Humanities sign from the front of a college; stick figure explains "we don't need it anymore."

We’ve moved beyond the question of whether people are better off if they go to college. They are. Now that that’s settled, we need to figure out what it means to be college educated and what the humanities contribute to student learning.

What’s Next for Project Information Literacy: Interview with Alison Head | From the Bell Tower

This week Steven interviews Alison Head, executive director of Project Information Literacy (PIL). Read on to learn the latest developments at the organization and find a video related to the latest study.

Become More Vocal; Improve the Listening | From the Bell Tower

Vendor relations are a mixed bag. They can range from mutual respect and support to contempt and contentiousness. Academic librarians need to exchange experiences and information, but it will really help if someone is listening.

Sometimes You Just Have to Click | From the Bell Tower

Presented with a non-stop flow of content, choosing which links to click can be a tough decision. There’s no time to waste, but what if you miss something that could make all the difference? Can librarians help others make better clicking decisions?

What Employers Want from College Grads | From the Bell Tower

Academic librarians believe they have something to contribute to the development of lifelong learners. There’s more to being a lifelong learner than having the skills for workplace success, but listening to what employers are looking for could provide guidance.

In Higher Ed Some Intellectual Property Counts More Than Others | From the Bell Tower

The new AAUP Draft Intellectual Property Statement has nothing to say about works of scholarly publication. Are they not intellectual property? Or does some property count more than others?

Too Complex May Soon Be Just Too Outdated | From the Bell Tower

Too Complex May Soon Be Just Too Outdated | From the Bell Tower

If today’s college students find even email too outdated for their digital tastes, how can we expect them to deal with the typical library e-resource?

Openness to Textbook Alternatives is Growing | From the Bell Tower


Both the higher education and mainstream media tend to report on studies relating college students’ lack of openness to non-print textbooks. More research and experimentation in this area suggest student attitudes may be starting to change.