Thursday, April 26, 2018

Optional Tour Information

The optional bus tour will take participants to vibrant, newly renovated and built libraries in both the Salt Lake County and Salt Lake City systems. We’ll finish up at the City’s acclaimed Main Library downtown for a light evening reception.
Details to come.


Friday, April 27, 2018

9:00–9:30 AM: Registration, Breakfast, and Networking

9:30–9:45 AM: Welcoming Remarks

Rebecca Miller, Editorial Director, Library Journal & School Library Journal
Jim Cooper, Director, Salt Lake County Library
Peter Bromberg, Executive Director, Salt Lake City Library

9:45–10:30 AM: Expert Panel 1

Details to come.

10:30–10:45 AM: Break and transition to breakout sessions

10:45 AM–12:15 PM: Breakout Sessions Featuring Real-Life Library Design “Challenges”

12:30–1:30 PM: Lunch

1:30–2:00 PM: Keynote Presentation

2:00–2:45 PM: Expert Panel 2

Details to come.

2:45–3:00 PM: Break and transition to Speed Sessions/Think-Tank

3:00–4:00 PM: Speed Sessions/Think-Tank: An Opportunity to Interact with Architects

4:00–4:45 PM: Expert Panel 3

Details to come.

4:45-5:30 PM: Networking