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Columbus Metropolitan Library

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Grimm and ParkerGrimm + Parker is a diverse group of architects and designers who aspire to make our communities wonderful places to live, learn and play through a collaborative and engaging process. We are regional experts in programming, designing and delivering more than 30 unique public library projects throughout the Washington metropolitan region.

Gund Partnership

GUND Partnership‘s work in Columbus—the Main Library of Columbus Metropolitan Library and the Ohio State University’s Thompson Library—exemplifies our approach to designing libraries, both public and academic. Our collaborative design process engages librarians and stakeholders to understand their evolving needs and aspirations such that the architecture supports fulfillment of the library’s mission. We believe a well-designed library can be a strong catalyst for neighborhood growth and campus vitality, with the flexibility to accommodate whatever the future holds.

HBM Architects

HBM Architects is an Ohio-based, award-winning, nationally recognized architectural firm focused on library planning and design across the country. Public, academic, and medical library projects comprise more than 95% of our portfolio. We provide innovative library planning and design services using a collaborative process that speaks to our clients’ vision and the unique character of each community. Project types include new construction, expansion / renovation, adaptive reuse, and historic buildings. Our work with libraries spans more than 40 years and reflects attention to detail, sustainable solutions, and forward thinking concepts that embrace the evolution of how we communicate, how we learn, and how we create.

OPN Architects

Leaders in designing innovative, participatory libraries, OPN Architects has completed designs or feasibility studies for more than 40 public libraries over the past 36 years. This work has been recognized with national awards, in publications, and through invitations to speak at many conferences, including the American Library Association’s national convention in 2015 and 2016. We are library advocates because we have seen the way these most public of all public buildings can catalyze a community. Our practice is built upon strong relationships—with our clients, partners, and each other—and partnering with a community to design a library is always a rewarding experience.

Tech Logic

Tech Logic focuses exclusively on serving libraries. As a caring industry pioneer, we serve all patrons and staff by offering the most innovative and reliable solutions for your library. Our truly American designed and manufactured products transform the tedium associated with: patron self service, security systems, education technology, mobile device management, etc. Tech Logic delivers streamlined, cost-effective and people-centric patented products and processes enhancing the user experience for all members of your community.

The Worden Company

At Worden, we’ve spent over 60 years figuring out what works best in study environments. We combine our deep knowledge of the industry with time-honed skills and technology to create innovative, appealing solutions for any space or purpose. Worden’s mission is making the kind of space that invites people in, supports the way they work, and stands up to a generation of use.