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Chicago, IL
November 19 & 20, 2013
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Innovating From the Top: Where Design Thinking and Impact Measures Meet

Library Journal, in collaboration with Chicago Public Library, headed by Commissioner Brian Bannon, will host the 2013 Directors’ Summit: Innovating From the Top: Where Design Thinking and Impact Measures Meet.

In its fifth year, this event will look forward and focus on two new approaches to organizational leadership, Design Thinking and Impact Measure­ment, and how applying them can advance your organizational capacity and reinvent what your library delivers.  Join us and be part of timely conversations on the new strategies libraries will be implementing as they plan for the future.

November 19 & 20, 2013

Chicago Public Library
Harold Washington Library Center
400 S State St,
Chicago, IL 60605


Blackstone Hotel

636 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605

Deluxe King & Complimentary Wi-Fi in room: $189.00 USD
Deadline to book to receive this rate: October 28, 2013
Group name: Library Journal

Reservations Online

• We will draw on the expertise of library and business leaders to explore how creativity and a focus on design can foster more dynamic organizations that respond nimbly to user needs, take advantage of new tools, and develop unique approaches to problem-solving.

• We’ll dive into the sources of impact measures and hear how to use them to understand and articulate the value of an organization’s mis­sion to the community they serve.

• We’ll learn how these approaches are influencing strategic thinking and how they are being deployed successfully in the private sector and in libraries that are setting a new tone for service, including Chicago PL.

Valuable networking time will be balanced with robust programming that spans the high level think­ing to nitty gritty application. The event will be book-ended by opportunities to see these strategies in action, via optional tours of innovation spaces within Chicago Public Library and in the business community beyond.

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