November 18, 2017

Bill Sleeman | Movers & Shakers 2007

The Uses of Curiosity Originally intent on becoming ‘the next Teddy White’ (author of ‘The Making of the President’ series), Bill Sleeman discovered early on that librarianship would allow him as much opportunity as journalism to pursue his curiosity and make a difference in the world. In his work at the Thurgood Marshall Law Library, […]

Brian S. Mathews | Movers & Shakers 2007

‘NowGen’ Instinct Brian S. Mathews considers his generation ‘NowGen’ librarians, as in ‘we have to make changes now so that libraries will become distinct instead of extinct.’ In 2001, while using LiveJournal to chat with friends, Mathews, information services librarian and distance learning services coordinator at Georgia Tech, noticed students posting research questions to their […]

Michelle Dalmau | Movers & Shakers 2007

Digital Dynamo Michelle Dalmau always knew she was a ‘closet librarian.’ Although she originally pursued an MIS as ‘a better match’ for her goal of ‘applying tenets of human-computer interaction and usability in a digital library program,’ she soon realized she needed a foundation in the principles of librarianship as well. How else could she […]

Kelly Czarnecki | Movers & Shakers 2007

Constant Beta While others work on incorporating change, Kelly Czarnecki leads the way. Metrowest Massachusetts Regional Library System’s Beth Gallaway explains, ‘[Kelly] accepts – no, embraces – that we are always in a state of beta.’ Web 2.0 tools let her make library services better, particularly for teens. She chairs PLCMC’s teen web site committee. […]

Carolyn Neal | Movers & Shakers 2007

Irresistible Force Carolyn Neal has a reputation for being a hard person to say ‘no’ to. She also has a gift for collaboration and a way of instilling fun into her programs, says Visiting Nurse Association director Sheila Niles. Those qualities make her a perfect leader for major interagency projects. As Cleveland Public Library’s (CPL) […]

Gregory Lum | Movers & Shakers 2007

Man on a Mission Words that come to mind to describe Gregory Lum include earnest, dedicated, and above and beyond the call of duty. For Lum, the Jesuit High School library is part of a moral vision. ‘We try to instill these values in our students: ‘Men and women for others,” he says. To ‘get […]

Dustin Holland | Movers & Shakers 2007

A Win-win Solution What would you do if someone offered, at no charge, to sell your library’s unwanted books, return proceeds to your library and a nonprofit partner of your choice, and then share the company’s profits with literacy partners in the United States and abroad? Like Brooklyn Public Library’s Christine Stenstrom, you might nominate […]

Beth Goldsmith | Movers & Shakers 2007

Puzzles and Play ‘As a profession, we seem to be so cautious and sober. Why not have more fun?’ asks Beth Goldsmith, librarian, programming analyst, and team leader at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Library. So, while shooting Nerf hoops and indulging in surprise pizzas, Goldsmith’s Library Without Walls Team implemented a large-scale standards-based […]

Bonnie Peirce | Movers & Shakers 2007

Library Goddess Bonnie Peirce, head of children’s services at the Dover Town Library, is part children’s librarian, part guru to other librarians, part techie, and part entrepreneur. A former bookstore manager, she has wowed Dover’s children and parents with her child-friendly browsing arrangement of the collection, her blog and online book club, and her Media […]

Chrystie Hill | Movers & Shakers 2007

People Centered Professionally, Chrystie Hill is a junction where community-building, technology, and librarians meet. Personally, she’s the place where librarian, writer, and advocate for technology-enhanced library practice intersect. According to Marilyn Mason, WebJunction‘s executive director, ‘Chrystie created one of the best online communities for library staff at WebJunction. She organized contributors and kept it lively.’ […]