July 22, 2014

Launching a Dialogue About Sexual Violence in YA Lit—and in Real Life

Launching a Dialogue About Sexual Violence in YA Lit—and in Real Life

Librarian and “Teen Librarian Toolbox” website creator Karen Jensen is empowering librarians to talk about sexual violence (SV) in books, and more significantly, to help teens who’ve experienced SV themselves.

Top Four Things Library Supporters Can Do To Make a Difference | Advocate’s Corner


If you work in a library, sell to a library, support a library, or have ever walked into a library, your life has been impacted by policymakers who often have no idea who you are or what you do for the community. Perhaps more important, they will continue to have no idea unless you tell them.

It’s Time To Fix Library Advocacy, Now! | Blatant Berry

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The library profession’s advocacy efforts have had very little impact. Why we have not addressed this obvious problem more aggressively is a mystery. Of course, there have been some successes, especially at the local level. They have been good enough to show us that the great reservoir of public support for public libraries is still full and can be tapped. Still, the profession simply has not found a way to tap that public support to influence the political process.

Academic Librarians Could Be Better Lobbyists | From the Bell Tower

Some academic librarians are incredibly enthusiastic about lobbying for library funding and legislative causes. Just not enough of them. We all need to take this seriously. It’s easy to be cynical about politics. Just look at the lack of progress and legislative gridlock in Washington, D.C. The inability of our national leaders to accomplish anything […]