July 22, 2014

It’s a Jungle Out There | Peer to Peer Review

Barbara Fister connects the dots between chicken farmers, microbreweries, book lovers, and scholars.

ALA Midwinter 2012: Adding Kindle Compatibility Expanded OverDrive’s U.S. Library Network by 36 Percent


OverDrive shared some additional numbers with LJ on Friday after the opening of the exhibition hall at the ALA Midwinter Conference in Dallas, demonstrating the draw of Kindle ebook availability.

Rachel Yu and the Monetization of Library Loans

A library loan, until now, was not a financial transaction with an immediate profit for an author. At best, a loan held out the hope of future sales and royalties. Now, the loans themselves have been monetized, provided Amazon’s neo-library does the lending.

The British Library and the Lure of Amazon

The British Library does not seem quite so placidly assured these days, as the confusion and upset over its expanding relationship with Amazon shows. The dispute will likely repeat itself here at some point in the not too distant future, as more public libraries decide that it has suddenly become a part of their mission […]

Kindle Library Lending: A Triumph of Practicality Over Principles

The lending of library ebooks through the Amazon Kindle will likely expose the growing hollowness of some core principles of librarianship. Here are two extracts from September 22 draft documents that the ALA’s Office for Information Technology Policy E-book Task Force has begun circulating about ebooks: ALA policies apply fully to e-books, including those that […]

WSJ: Amazon To Roll Out Netflix-like Ebook Lending Service?

According to a Wall Street Journal report yesterday sourcing “people familiar with the matter,” Amazon, maker of the Kindle ereader, is currently in talks with publishers about a potential Netflix-like model for ebooks. Via the model subscribers could access a “digital-book library” of ebooks as part of a $79 annual Amazon Prime membership. According to […]

Amazon's Kindle Cloud Reader Adds Complexity to a Quickly Shifting Market

The same day that Apple and five of the Big Six publishers were sued for allegedly conspiring to fix ebook prices, Amazon unveiled further ebook news. Yesterday, it launched its Kindle Cloud Reader, a browser-based application that allows users to buy and read Kindle ebooks on the cloud via a web browser. It also lets […]

After Kindle Lending, the Deluge

That this is a boon for OverDrive is clear, but where is Amazon’s interest? It’s in the patron-customer conversion.