February 5, 2016

Houston Librarians Create Traveling Library

Houston Librarians Create Traveling Library

The Billy Pilgrim Traveling Library (BPTL) is the brainchild of two Houston-area librarians, Kelly Allen and Chris Grawl, a couple who met while getting their MSIS degrees from the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Information. The BPTL will essentially be a free range bookmobile, operating on a rent-barter-donate system.

Meet the Bookless Mobile

Smitty Miller and LiLi

When Smitty Miller was hired at Canada’s Fraser Valley Regional Library last November for the newly created position of community development librarian, she had just one assignment: build a mobile initiative. “I, of course, said, ‘duh, build a book mobile,’” Miller told LJ. She began researching the project, visiting King County to see their Library […]

Memories and Need Fuel a Texas Library’s New Bookmobile

The Friends of the Georgetown Public Library raised $130,000 to buy the WOWmobile.

The Georgetown Public Library needed to reach many elderly residents and low-income school children who couldn’t get to the library. They weren’t going to do it with ebooks, even though the library offers them. The solution was the good, old-fashioned bookmobile, which required a huge fund-raising effort.