March 23, 2017

Cook Book Spring Buzz


Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 3:00 PM ET As the nation’s diet—and its consequences—has become an increasingly common topic of conversation, commonsensical truths—from the social benefits of a shared family meal to the health boost that home cooked, unprocessed foods provide—have gained new advocates. What a better way to tap into these benefits than by cracking open some of these forthcoming spring cooking titles and preparing a delicious meal to share with friends or family. Tackle some of the basics with the Great Meat Cook Book and Bake: the Essential Companion, discover new favorites with Mediterranean Slow Cooker and Ride or Fry: The Dante Fried Chicken Experience, and finally master that pad thai recipe with Easy Thai Cooking. To learn how to do the Mexican basics with a new flair, check out Tacos, Tortas and Tamales: The New Flavors of Mexican Street Food.  Bon appetit! This archive is no longer available.