April 15, 2014

Developing Collections and Serving Diversity | PLA 2014

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The Public Library Association (PLA) Conference comes around every other year, but that long wait may make it all the more special to attendees, many of whom described the biennial gathering as their favorite library conference. Held in Indianapolis, this year’s conference brought together librarians, publishers, authors, and vendors for three days of programming with a focus on issues like collection development, finding partners to help increase the impact of programs, and reaching out to patrons, especially those in underserved communities.

“Whose Table?”: On Libraries and Race | ALA 2013

Sunday morning’s “In Visibility: Race and Libraries” was a crash course in sociology and libraries, taught by Todd Homna, assistant professor of Asian American Studies at Pitzer College and a former ALA Spectrum Scholar. Sponsored by ALA’s Office for Diversity and the Spectrum Scholars Program, asked the question: “Where do we locate race in relation to librarianship?”

The MLS and the Race Line | Editorial


Many efforts to diversify the ranks of librarians focus on well-intentioned but expensive projects to recruit a small number of aspiring students who may, or may not, become long-term members of the profession. For example, in April the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) gave a grant of $487,652 to support a joint diversity […]

Can Information Professionals Afford Apprenticeships? A Thought Experiment | Peer to Peer Review

I have a gift for picking despised professional niches. I used to run institutional repositories, and if there’s a niche in academic librarianship more despised than that, I’m honestly not sure what it might be. From the frying pan into the fire—now I teach library school. If nothing else, I’ve greatly expanded the universe of librarians and archivists who despise my work!

Diversity Never Happens: The Story of Minority Hiring Doesn’t Seem To Change Much | Editorial


African Americans and Hispanics are some of the strongest supporters of libraries, and yet they continue to be thinly represented among the ranks of librarians. It’s a familiar story and always a bad trade-off that hurts the profession and, more important, hurts our society.

Voices from the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color

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In honor of the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color 2012 (JCLC), which began yesterday in Kansas City, MO, LJ caught up with Co-Chairs and the Program Chair of the Conference to hear their views on some of the challenges facing librarians of color today. Haipeng Li, University Librarian at the Hong Kong Baptist University, […]

ALA Annual 2011: Panel Calls on ALA To Do More To Promote Diversity

When Luis Chaparro said that the American Library Association can do more to promote diversity, seven nearby heads nodded in unison. “The profession, and ALA in particular, needs to work a little bit harder to bring in more minorities,” Chaparro, the head librarian at Valle Verde Library in El Paso, TX, and a past president […]