March 26, 2017

eBooks: a New Paradigm in Douglas County, or a New Twist on the Past?


Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 3:00-4:00 PM ET The staff at the Douglas County Libraries in Colorado have been implementing for the past year an innovative ebook lending model that gives the library actual ownership of the ebook file, rather than leasing access to it via a third party. The library has its own content server and after striking deals with various publishers it loads the files onto the server and applies the requisite DRM before lending. The library is providing a concrete example of how in the digital age libraries remain reliable stewards of intellectual content. In this webinar, Jamie LaRue, the library’s director, Monique Szendze, the IT director, and Lisa Long Hickman, the sales and marketing manager for Dzanc Books, will discuss the model. The archive is no longer available.

Is Ereader Adoption Causing an Ereadership Gap?

Some ereader numbers worth considering came out this morning from a polling firm called Harris Interactive. The survey claims, among other things, that one in ten Americans uses an ereader (is that different than owning an ereader?), and that folks with ereaders are buying a lot more books. A couple of thoughts: First of all, […]