January 17, 2018

Kansas City Libraries Defend Free Speech in Face of Arrests, Resignations

Update: In a brief trial on Friday, September 8, Kansas City municipal court judge Joseph Locascio found Steve Woolfolk not guilty by on charges of obstruction, interfering with an arrest, and assaulting a police officer. “Justice was done,” said KCPL director Crosby Kemper III in a statement. “The library, like the judge, has consistently expressed surprise that this ever went to trial, that a public event at a public library should result in the indictment of a librarian.”

Court OKs Prison Book Ban, But Unsolicited Senders Have Standing to Sue

The Fifth Circuit ruled that Texas prisons didn’t violate inmates’ First Amendment rights by banning books that “graphically describe” rape, child abuse and race relations in the prison system, according to the Courthouse News Service, affirming the summary judgment in favor of the defendants that was granted by the district court. Prison Legal News (PLN), […]

Washington Library Allowed to Filter, Court Holds

The Eastern Washington Federal District Court ruled that the North Central Regional Library (NCRL) is not violating the First Amendment in how it filters Internet content on library computers. The lawsuit had been brought by the ACLU of Washington in 2006 on behalf of Sarah Bradburn, who was prevented from using NCRL computers to research […]