December 19, 2014

Kansas City PL to Launch Software Lending Library Pilot

The Kansas City Public Library, MO (KCPL) developed its new Software Lending Library, a remote desktop system that will enable patrons to “check out” and use software applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Excel on their home computers or laptops.

Up Close: Bright Lights, Gig City in Chattanooga | Library by Design


For Chattanooga, having a gigabit-per-second connection means an opportunity to attract new business. The city is even sponsoring a competition in which entrepreneurs with winning ideas receive financial incentives to move to Chattanooga. Similarly, Director Corinne Hill, along with CPL’s new assistant director for technology and digital initiatives Nate Hill, hopes to turn the library into a creative hub that will include a competitive art and technology residency program, drawing cutting-edge talent to the library and its community.