April 23, 2017

No Guns in the Library: Curbing the Second Amendment in the Stacks | Editorial


The morally purblind pro-gun lobbyists have been so successful in saturating our society with firearms—from national parks to Amtrak trains—that public libraries across the country are also finding themselves having to grapple with Second Amendment radicals.

Update: MI Court of Appeals: No Gun Ban for Libraries

Michigan district libraries, like other Michigan public libraries, may not ban guns, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled today.

Michigan Libraries Seek To Curb Guns

On July 11, the Michigan Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in a case over whether a library can ban weapons. The case, Capital Area District Library (CADL) v. Michigan Open Carry Inc., was decided in favor of the Capital Area District Library last May by the Ingham County Circuit Court. The library, which serves […]