April 27, 2017

The Human Connection | The Digital Shift 2015


Libraries may be going digital, but librarians still bring—and need—that personal touch. On October 14, Library Journal and School Library Journal’s virtual conference, The Digital Shift, Libraries Connecting Communities, aptly demonstrated this in a wide range of offerings throughout the day-long event.

Updates and Big Kudos to Portland State University Library | Not Dead Yet

Cheryl LaGuardia

Given a number of good news items that came across my desk recently, I thought it’d be worthwhile highlighting some of them for readers, since some follow up on past posts and people, while another describes great work by Portland State University Library.

What is the DPLA?

BRANDING TOWARD LAUNCH (clockwise from top): Temporary tattoos on participants’ hands at DPLA Midwest say “we mean business” when it comes to governance and authoring a road map to success; the official DPLA launch on April 18 is the culmination of dozens of events and many years of work from a wide range of stakeholders; a few of many photo booth support shots, spreading the word online about the launch event. Photos by Joey Mornin

The question that has most frequently come up in the course of the two-year planning process for the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) has been a very simple one: What is it?

Since April 2010, the planning initiative has taken the form of an extended, national design phase to plan out what we should build together. The emphasis of this process has been to solicit diverse views as to what the “it” should be that we are working toward.