October 21, 2017

Feedback: Letters to LJ, April 15, 2013 Issue

The Twitter thing I was going to hold off commenting on the twitter thing—largely because I believe in an age of ubiquitous tools you have every right to choose what works for you (Cheryl LaGuardia, “Stuff I Don’t Understand About Libraries Right Now,” Not Dead Yet.) But I may as well tell you what I […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, April 1, 2013 Issue

American Indians, too Thank you for your editorial on diversity in the library profession (Michael Kelley, “Diversity Never Happens,” LJ 2/15/13, p. 8). As a non-Indian member of the American Indian Library Association and acutely aware of the lack of visibility given to the most neglected minority in this country (although at one point in […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, March 15, 2013 Issue

Prove library diversity As a preprofessional librarian of color, I appreciate the initiative taken by LJ’s editor to bring professional attention to the issue of diversity (Michael Kelley, “Diversity Never Happens,” Editorial, LJ 2/15/13, p. 8). If librarians really want to see more diversity of library professionals, they must answer a hard question and answer […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, February 15, 2013 Issue

Certainly pro-gun After reading Michael Kelley’s “No Guns in the Library” (Editorial, LJ 1/13, p. 8), I was struck by only one thought: hypocrisy! Libraries and librarians have always been all about supporting the First Amendment, but apparently anyone who shows the same support of the Second Amendment is a “radical” or a “morally purblind […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, February 1, 2013 Issue

What about our work? Here’s the problem: if this was space to “play” in for those with time to play (Jennifer Koerber “The Harvard Labrary: A Design Experiment in Library,” ow.ly/gurnE), there is still all that work that has to be done. None of those who don’t have enough time to get the work done […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, December 1, 2012 Issue

For the Harper model I agree with Michael Kelley (“A Modest Ebook Proposal,” Editorial, LJ 11/1/12, p. 8). If there must be limits on ebooks for libraries, I would much rather have the HarperCollins model with its reasonable (for library ebooks) prices and their immediate availability. We are using the 3M platform, and we just gained access […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, November 15, 2012 Issue

More than data We need to see library as platform as more than just data facilitation (David Weinberger, “The Library as Platform,” ow.ly/e0W6G). Librarians serve as a platform for dialog with users who often struggle to handle data well. Everything from helping them to optimize database searches to guiding them in formatting citations. We do […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, November 1, 2012 Issue

Outreach now My problem after 25-plus years as a professional is that I no longer get to do the things I got into this profession to do (Cheryl LaGuardia, “The Key to Long-Term Library Sanity,” Not Dead Yet, ow.ly/e0ZLL). I never gave a hoot about teaching someone to read quality literature, I just liked to […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, October 15, 2012 Issue

Service vs. servant I very much appreciate the difference Wayne Bivens-Tatum makes between service and servant (Wayne Bivens-­Tatum, “Assisting Research Versus Research Assistance | Peer to Peer Review,” ow.ly/dPEKy). It is an important distinction. Librarians need to be more involved in faculty research at all levels but as partners, not grunts. However, the distinction is […]

Feedback: Letters to LJ, October 1, 2012 Issue

I was so sorry to learn that Francine ­Fialkoff is leaving LJ and have so appreciated all her hard work in the library world. Her work on Day of Dialog on behalf of librarians was outstanding; we will miss seeing her there. Her voice on behalf of the profession via LJ has led to some outstanding campaigns and benefit to libraries and their staffs….